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Vigilance 1.41 Released

By Drew Strojny on September 29, 2009

Please Note! A major bug was found shortly after release of version 1.41 so I am pushing immediately to Version 1.42. All the download links in this post have been updated to Version 1.42. If you have already downloaded 1.41 please upgrade to 1.42. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Download Version 1.41 1.42: PRO Members head to the member download area. Free users grab your copy from the free download page.

Vigilance 1.40 was released into the wild a little over a week ago. Since then we have run into a few minor bugs and annoyances. All of these bugs were discovered by Vigilance users. Thanks for helping out everyone! This 1.41 release patches up those bugs and includes one new feature.

Internationalization Help

Now that Vigilance is officially localization ready we are going to need some translation help from our international users. The included vigilance.po and files make it super easy to translate the theme with an application like poEdit. I have set up an official repository for translations that will be updated with new languages as I receive them. We already have a Turkish translation available thanks to one of our PRO Members!

If you need help with translating the theme be sure to read this excellent guide to translating WordPress themes. You can send all translation files to themes {at} Be sure to name the files appropriately according to your country code.


  • Bugfix: Fixed PHP 4 compatibility issues.
  • Bugfix: Fixed image sprites for sidebar items spanning more than 2 lines.
  • Bugfix: Replaced the transparent background for the <li> stars for users with different backgrounds.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the top navigation hover color for categories when using custom colors.
  • Bugfix: Changed the default language folder to /languages to match WordPress. Also added language instructions.
  • Bugfix: Fixed broken link to the tutorials.
  • New Feature: Added support for a hidden wp-config.php file.


  1. Adam

    Hey Drew, when updating to 1.42, does the child theme also need to be upgraded in any way, or is 1.3 still good?

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