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Vigilance 1.44 Released

By Drew Strojny on October 29, 2009

Download Version 1.44: PRO Members head to the member download area. Free users grab your copy from the free download page.

Vigilance 1.44 has only three changes, but each change is significant. Be sure to check out the details in the changelog.

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  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrect bubble image specification. This caused the comment bubble on the search result pages to show up empty. (thanks to PRO member pcoggins for finding this!)
  • Style Enhancement: Revamped the post title styling for a cleaner look. I realize some people may want to keep the old styling. If you are a PRO member, go ahead and ask in the support forums and I will post some quick instructions on how to go back to the old styling.
  • Speed Enhancement: Rewrote the admin comment recognition function and removed two database calls. This should speed up the load time of your single posts and pages.


  1. Raymond Selda

    I’m speechless Drew! I freakin’ love this theme! You know why? It’s clean. It’s simple. It has amazing theme options and it simply ROCKS! I don’t know if I missed anything but so far this is more than enough for me.

    Thank you so much for releasing this theme and giving Vigilance for FREE! Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

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