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All Kinds of Exciting News

By Drew Strojny on February 20, 2009

Vigilance Added to!

We are proud and excited to announce that Vigilance was added to the available themes on on Wednesday night. has over 1.25 million active blogs and Vigilance is now 1 of 60 themes available to those users. This is truly an honor and we couldn’t be more excited, thanks to all of our users and to!

New PRO Feature: Page Templates

We have released version 1.2 of the PRO Child Theme which includes two new page templates! A really handy full width page template and a left sidebar template. PRO members can download the latest version in the support forums. If you’re not a PRO member yet, what are you waiting for? Sign-up today and start enjoying the benefits!

Vigilance 1.23 Released

Version 1.23 is now available, including a bunch of new features and bug fixes:

  • New Feature: Improved code styling including styling for <pre>, <pre> tags are really handy when showing code examples
  • New feature: Comments are now available on pages when they are enabled
  • New feature: Post/page pagination, spread your long posts across multiple pages by using the <!--nextpage--> quicktag
  • Improved home page recognition that fixes some blogs showing two pages as current in the main navigation when using a static front page
  • Improved styling on the Float Quote element
  • Better alignment of the sidebar widget list item images
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Comments are closed.” message from being displayed on posts that already had comments
  • Fixed some improperly coded links in the theme options menu
  • Fixed a bug that was generating slashes in the Feedbox and Alert Box
  • Fixed a bug that was generating slashes on rotating image alt tags

Download 1.23 Now!

First 50 Memberships Sold Out

We have sold through the first 50 memberships, the 50% off coupon is no longer active. If you missed one of the first 50 memberships you are in luck. We just rolled out a brand new coupon that saves you $10 off the cost of a PRO membership. Sign-up with coupon code C9406.


  1. Kevin

    I liked this theme so much I decided to re-vamp my WordPress-powered site around it last week. I don’t think my amateur header graphic does your layout design justice, but I just wanted to say I truly appreciate the gift!

  2. Russ

    I have found a couple of issues – on the highlight-box, if you have a link in there, the colour of the text is the same as the box itself, so you can’t see the link!

    Secondly, on the main page, it doesn’t show the page numbers on a post when you use the <!-- nextpage --> tag. This means that unless someone clicks to go into the post, they probably won’t know the post is spread over multiple pages!!

    Hope these help. :)

  3. Bill

    Sweet looking theme. Couple things I noticed while poking around:

    – fonts in the comment entry box are a little odd (maybe this is just de gustibus)

    – When you click on the # of comments link (if you’re on the main page), it doesn’t automatically scroll the page down to where the comments begin.

    Fantastic theme, though. Keep up the good work.

  4. Bob Row

    I’m glad I thought of moving to WordPress (from just in time to find Vigilance. As I’m not css-savvy, the flexibility of your code gave me the chance to test different configurations until find a satisfactory layout.

    My only objection would be the basic box not being a bit wider, so the two side bar columns will look less cramped.

    But all in all I feel I’ll got a great time blogging with your design.

    Thank you!

  5. Drew Strojny

    Thanks Bill!

    Not sure what you mean by the fonts looking odd, they are supposed to be serif if that is what you mean? You are spot on with the comments jumping bug. We have added it to the list for 1.24.

  6. Valerie

    Sorry…saw the support forums info after I hit submit on my last comment.

    However, I can’t be see the support discussions unless I am a member, and I don’t want to pay to become a member if I’m not going to use this theme, which is in (small) part a consideration in that decision. So, rather than a support answer, can I get a simple yes or no to my question: is there a way to add a time stamp to posts?


  7. Maria Keckler

    I really love what you have done here!

    I want to revamp my blog with Vigilance, but it’s a hosted blog. Is the Pro membership helpful for me? Or is it particularly useful for those running their own installation?



  8. Drew Strojny

    Good question Maria!

    If you are looking for support and someone to answer any questions you might have about the theme and making CSS customizations then the membership would be worth it.

    If you are looking for add-ons it wouldn’t make sense because the members only add-ons will not work with They require a self-hosted installation.

    Hope that helps!

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