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Watson: A classical magazine theme

By Andy Adams on November 13, 2012

Watson was inspired by the clean lines and bold strokes of a classical newspaper. From the typography to the uncluttered article view, we focused on bringing that clean and classic look to your website. Watson boasts a neatly organized front page layout, a myriad of in post styles, and the option to set your own custom accent color. It may be our finest magazine-style production yet.

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An update on theme updates

By Andy Adams on September 13, 2012

Over time, even WordPress themes can show their age. As the months roll by after a theme is released, we slowly build a list of improvements and bug fixes for that theme. Sometimes we miss a small styling bug. Other times, we decide to wait and see on a feature.

Regardless of the nature of the improvements, we make a commitment to keeping our theme collection up to date by providing bug fixes, new features, and interface updates from time to time, so that users buying themes today get the same quality experience users had yesteryear, when the themes were originally released.

Until recently, we would do theme updates every 2-3 months. Every theme was updated at the same time, which lead to a number of issues:

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Avid now available on

By Andy Adams on August 23, 2012

We’re proud to announce that our latest release Avid is now available for sites hosted on! Avid can be purchased from your dashboard or from the Avid theme showcase page.

When you buy a theme on you get the same quality support, but your theme and website are hosted in the environment. It is easier to get up and running and your theme is automatically kept up to date.

Read more about the differences between and self-hosted WordPress and browse all our themes available on

Why the WordPress theme customizer matters

By Andy Adams on July 23, 2012

I was listening to the latest Please Advise podcast, with guest Jason Schuller of Press75. The show’s hosts Mike McAlister, Jake Caputo and Chris Molitor cover various topics related to WordPress and WordPress theme development.

About midway through the show, the subject of theme options and the new WordPress theme customizer (built primarily by Daryl Koopersmith and Dominik Schilling) came up. I was really surprised to hear the guys on the show say the following about the customizer:

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Announcing Avid

By Andy Adams on July 17, 2012

Over the past two months, we’ve been working hard with the extremely talented Dave Ruiz of Foundation Six to build our latest WordPress theme. The team was given the task of translating Dave’s original and visually rich design to the browser. After many long hours of tweaking and polishing, we’re happy to announce the release of the absolutely stunning Avid photography theme.

Every detail of Avid is optimized and carefully crafted with photographers in mind. The theme gives you the power to quickly and easily showcase your images, galleries, videos, and blog posts in a beautiful and responsive layout. Take a spin through the live demo of Avid to see it in action.Read more

New theme customizer now available

By Andy Adams on June 15, 2012

For anybody who doesn’t follow WordPress development updates, you’ll be happy to learn that the next version of WordPress (version 3.4) is now available!

WordPress 3.4 features a number of improvements and updates, but the most exciting feature for us is the introduction of the real-time “theme customizer”, which allows you to preview changes to your theme options as you make them, eliminating the need to save/refresh your site to see what has changed.

We’ve been keeping an eye on WordPress 3.4, and now that it is released we’re proud to announce that our 4 most recent themes (Portfolio, Chalk, Duet, and Anthem) support the theme customizer for all theme options.

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Presenting Portfolio

By Andy Adams on April 26, 2012

Every theme at The Theme Foundry starts out as an idea that is discussed and then put to paper by our designers. We review and refine the design, and then we build it out in HTML so we can see the design come to life in the browser. From there, every theme is constructed from the ground-up (no frameworks) as we try to build upon the successes (and failures) of our previous themes.

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Querying posts with a false or NULL meta value

By Andy Adams on April 24, 2012

As I was working on our latest theme, I came across a situation where I needed to filter out posts that had a specific meta key that either never was set (NULL) or was false. I started down the route of using the meta_query argument to WP_Query.

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Toggle an extra row of buttons with WordPress

By Andy Adams on April 12, 2012

As a theme developer, there are situations when having some extra buttons on the content editor can come in handy. WordPress provides the mce_buttons_3 hook, which allows you to add buttons to a third row on the visual editor.

3rd row of buttons with the kitchen sink on

However, by default this row will show no matter what, even when you toggle the “kitchen sink” on and off:

3rd row of buttons with the kitchen sink off

It seems more logical to toggle the third row on and off along with the rest of the advanced buttons. In fact, there is a core ticket dealing with this very situation. Read more