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See Make in action: South Milwaukee PAC

By Zack Tollman on September 17, 2014

South Milwaukee PAC Website Screenshot

What kinds of websites can you create with our Make WordPress theme? We developed Make to provide versatile design and layout options for a variety of personal and professional sites, and we’ve been reaching out to users to find out how they’re taking advantage of the theme’s powerful features.

One organization doing exciting things with Make is the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center (SMPAC), which hosts over 500 events each year at its 786-seat theatre. For SMPAC, using the web to connect with the public is crucial – and Make is helping it forge those connections.

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Updates to Make and Make Plus

By Zack Tollman on August 15, 2014

Earlier this week, we released several user experience enhancements for Make, our powerful, drag-and-drop WordPress theme. We also updated Make Plus, the premium plugin that adds even more great features to Make.

All of these updates come directly from user feedback and feature requests. At The Theme Foundry, we closely monitor your comments and suggestions for improving our themes. For this release, we’ve added many of the requested changes to our free theme – so anyone can download Make and enjoy the enhancements!

Here’s a quick rundown of the improvements we made.

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WordPress 3.9 compatibility updates

By Zack Tollman on April 15, 2014

The WordPress core project has a strong commitment to backwards compatibility. This commitment means that themes, plugins, and custom code continues to function when WordPress core is updated. At The Theme Foundry, we adhere to WordPress’ best practices when developing our themes to make sure that WordPress core upgrades go as smoothly as possible.

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Chrome 33 Webfont Fixer

By Zack Tollman on April 1, 2014

In all of our themes, we use Google Fonts or Typekit fonts to give our designs beautiful typography. Unfortunately, Google’s Chrome browser has had some issues displaying webfonts recently. These issues have caused display problems in some of our themes in some circumstances.

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Why we don’t use a CDN: A story about SPDY and SSL

By Zack Tollman on February 5, 2014

Fast scooter blurred

Last week we moved to a new SSL everywhere setup for this website. We were really excited to implement SSL across the board, but nervous about the impact on site performance. Therefore, we made it priority to focus on performance during the transition. Using a CDN (content delivery network) for the new site was a forgone conclusion, as we assumed it would help us speed things up. But, after testing with a few different CDNs, we uncovered some surprising results.

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SSL everywhere

By Zack Tollman on January 31, 2014

Graphical representation of the words https://

On Wednesday night we switched this website to a brand new server. If you look at the URL bar, you’ll see https at the beginning of the URL. That extra s after “http” means you’re browsing over an encrypted and secure connection. We’re now serving 100% of our web traffic over a secure, SSL connection. We have always protected the e-commerce portions of our website, but we’re excited to roll out SSL everywhere. This doesn’t yet include our theme demo sites, but we’ll be moving those over as well.

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Backbone.js and Collections: Plugin compatibility

By Zack Tollman on December 2, 2013

Ensuring plugin compatibility within the Single Page Application in Collections was a major challenge. In this post, I will discuss some of the measures we took to increase the probability of plugin compatibility in Collections.

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Backbone.js and Collections: Routers

By Zack Tollman on November 26, 2013

The biggest challenge with building a Backbone.js powered theme for WordPress was handling routing. This post will explore those struggles and outline the solution used in Collections.

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Backbone.js and Collections: Structure

By Zack Tollman on September 10, 2013

Earlier this summer, we launched Collections, the first WordPress theme that we know of that leverages Backbone.js to add single page application (SPA) experiences (e.g., load new content without a full page refresh) in the theme. Now that the theme is in the wild, I would like to share some of our experiences building the theme through a series of posts about Collections. These posts will specifically emphasize the integration of Backbone.js into the theme.

At the outset, we decided that the SPA features would follow the progressive enhancement philosophy. First and foremost, we wanted to build a solid WordPress theme. Then, we wanted to make it special by adding SPA features on top of it (e.g., fast page loading, transition animations). Fortunately, this approach paid off as we were able to create a WordPress theme that did not need to compromise WordPress standards in order to implement SPA features.

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