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Chrome 33 Webfont Fixer

By Zack Tollman on April 1, 2014

In all of our themes, we use Google Fonts or Typekit fonts to give our designs beautiful typography. Unfortunately, Google’s Chrome browser has had some issues displaying webfonts recently. These issues have caused display problems in some of our themes in some circumstances.

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SSL everywhere

By Zack Tollman on January 31, 2014

Graphical representation of the words https://

On Wednesday night we switched this website to a brand new server. If you look at the URL bar, you’ll see https at the beginning of the URL. That extra s after “http” means you’re browsing over an encrypted and secure connection. We’re now serving 100% of our web traffic over a secure, SSL connection. We have always protected the e-commerce portions of our website, but we’re excited to roll out SSL everywhere. This doesn’t yet include our theme demo sites, but we’ll be moving those over as well.

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Corey McKrill joins the team

By Corey McKrill on September 6, 2013

Howdy! After spending the last couple of months working on a trial basis, I’m stoked to announce that I’m officially joining The Theme Foundry team as a developer! It has been a great pleasure so far to work with such a dedicated, creative, thoughtful group, and I look forward to continuing on in my new capacity.

A bit about me: I’ve been working in the web realm for the past eight years, and working with WordPress for the last five. Before joining The Theme Foundry, I was a freelance web developer and occasional designer, working mostly on custom WordPress sites for clients. Before that, I worked with the fantastic web production team at I also have an MBA and an interest in sustainability.

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Partnering with Post Status

By Drew Strojny on July 11, 2013

I don’t follow many WordPress news sites. They’re usually too noisy for my taste, and much of the content is just recycling existing news from elsewhere in the community. One exception, that’s slowly become my go to source, is Post Status. The founder of Post Status, Brian Krogsgard, has developed a reputation for covering WordPress over the past few years. He’s written close to two-hundred articles for WPCandy, and posted some great content on his personal site. He’s also developed a discerning eye for WordPress news and knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Brian’s taking a new approach to WordPress news with Post Status. Rather than repurposing existing news as new content, he’s linking directly to the original source and including brief and insightful commentary. Brian’s unique experience and involvement in the WordPress community makes his insight especially clear and refreshing. He’s also started to work some excellent long-form articles into the mix over the past few months, which has added a nice balance to the site.

Post Status announced a refreshed design and focus earlier today. As part of that announcement, The Theme Foundry is now an official partner of Post Status. Brian and I want to do something different with this collaboration. We want it to be a long term partnership. The exact opposite of a quick “ad buy”. We want to keep the focus on the content, and make sure we integrate mentions of The Theme Foundry in an unobtrusive way. I couldn’t be happier with how the initial launch turned out. Post Status is great for the WordPress community, and it’s also something we’re proud to support and associate ourselves with.

Team meetup 2013

By Drew Strojny on June 11, 2013

The team white water rafting.
The Foundry team white water rafting on the Payette river.

Last week the team met up here in Boise, Idaho. We all work remotely, so it’s really nice to bring everyone together for some “real life” time. Scott had the longest trip by far, coming all the way from Sydney, Australia! We had lots of fun, and even got to do some white water rafting (that’s the four of us in front).

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Launch: Memberful Beta

By Drew Strojny on January 30, 2013

We’ve been working hard on a new service for well over a year now and I’m really excited to share it with you. It’s called Memberful, and we’re now accepting beta customers. Memberful makes it easy to sell your digital downloads: software, graphics, fonts, icons, templates, themes, plugins, etc. You can also use Memberful to monetize your content by selling monthly or yearly subscriptions to your website. Head over to the site to learn more and sign up.

Memberful is really easy (like point and click) to set up. It also optionally integrates quickly with WordPress via a plugin. We’ve been using it for a year now here at The Theme Foundry to sell our WordPress themes on this WordPress powered website. If you’re the technical type, we also have an API available for integrating Memberful with any third-party CMS or custom application.

We’re really excited about Memberful, and hope you are too!

Meet Zack Tollman

By Zack Tollman on January 4, 2013

This week, I am joining The Theme Foundry team as a Developer and I am absolutely thrilled! I have been a big fan of The Theme Foundry for a long time. Their themes are beautiful both in regard to design and code quality. I look forward to helping the team continue in this tradition.

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Now hiring! Developer

By Drew Strojny on October 2, 2012

Does building beautiful and functional WordPress themes for an audience of thousands sound like fun? If yes, we’re hiring a smart and self-managed developer like yourself who communicates effectively and loves getting things done.

You’ll spend your days here at The Theme Foundry building new themes with the team, fixing and improving existing themes, and working with the terrific folks over at Automattic to launch and support our themes on the platform.

We take pride in how we build our themes. We discuss and debate what features really matter, and more importantly, which features don’t. We’re not held back by the whims of a client or the narrow scope of an internal project. We build for the end user. This gives us the freedom to make the right decisions and the satisfaction of seeing those decisions applied in real life.

You won’t just be implementing basic features. We’re looking for someone who wants to make an impact. We need you to take our themes and service to the next level by delivering big picture solutions that do real jobs for our customers.

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Now hiring! Community Manager

By Drew Strojny on September 11, 2012

We’re looking to add a community manager to the team! We’ve grown this year and the number of emails and support questions has increased quite a bit. Up until this point, Andy, Scott, Jennifer, and I have been sharing the load. It’s time for someone special (maybe you!) to take our support to the next level.

Support is great source of pride at The Theme Foundry. You should be a proficient communicator with excellent writing skills and naturally enjoy helping people solve problems. You should also know WordPress inside and out and have lots of experience using and customizing WordPress themes. You don’t need to be a developer, but you should be capable of writing CSS, HTML, and basic PHP.

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Portfolio available on

By Drew Strojny on June 7, 2012

Our very own Portfolio theme is now available for sites and blogs. You may purchase the theme directly from your dashboard or from the Portfolio theme showcase page.

When you buy a theme on you get the same quality support, but your theme and website are hosted in the environment. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to worry about updating WordPress or your theme.

Read more about the differences between and self-hosted WordPress and browse all our themes available on