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Coming soon: New business theme

By Drew Strojny on April 25, 2011

Last week I started sketching out a some ideas for a new business theme. It’s still early in the design process, but I plan on ramping up development over the next few weeks. If all goes according to plan, it should be available for purchase sometime in May June July. The theme doesn’t have a name just yet, but that usually happens near the end of the process—after it’s personality has started to unfold.


  1. The NVR Guys

    Looking forward to seeing the new design. You guys always blow us away and make us want to change. Thank goodness we are so happy with Traction, otherwise we might become frequent theme hoppers.

  2. Drew Strojny

    @NVR Guys Thanks!

    @Mariana Thanks! It will be .org only to start, but it very well could get added for users down the road :)

  3. johanlm

    Looking forward to this to.
    Been looking high an low for a good theme to my/our company to WP.
    * Fast loaded aka minimalistic
    * Adapted not only for computer screens but also SmartPhones (< so few are it seems)
    * SEO adapted
    * Social community opted
    amongst other things … ; )

    You allways do great work and I have good expectations for this.

  4. johanlm

    It’s “sometime in May” now. Is the code:ing going on as intended or will it maybe be later than planned?
    yes … I’m not known for my patience, more the opposite + my nozyness. ; )

  5. johanlm

    So the 31th then? ;D

    Looking forward to it.

  6. Drew Strojny

    You know me too well :) We actually do have a bunch of stuff going on right now (trying to hire) so things are getting pushed back.

  7. Toronto Web Design Company

    Do you have any Template Packages for Design companies? We usually get a lot of requests for Business themes and we are wondering if we could get a suitable license of your theme to be used on multiple sites.

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