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Now hiring! Developer

By Drew Strojny on October 2, 2012

Does building beautiful and functional WordPress themes for an audience of thousands sound like fun? If yes, we’re hiring a smart and self-managed developer like yourself who communicates effectively and loves getting things done.

You’ll spend your days here at The Theme Foundry building new themes with the team, fixing and improving existing themes, and working with the terrific folks over at Automattic to launch and support our themes on the platform.

We take pride in how we build our themes. We discuss and debate what features really matter, and more importantly, which features don’t. We’re not held back by the whims of a client or the narrow scope of an internal project. We build for the end user. This gives us the freedom to make the right decisions and the satisfaction of seeing those decisions applied in real life.

You won’t just be implementing basic features. We’re looking for someone who wants to make an impact. We need you to take our themes and service to the next level by delivering big picture solutions that do real jobs for our customers.

How we work

The best ideas win here at The Theme Foundry, and we don’t have any layers of management to fight through. You’ll be directly involved in all the decisions and discussions. You should thrive on responsibility and enjoy earned autonomy. After learning the ropes, you’ll be making lots of important decisions on your own.

We’re a small goal orientated company. We all work remotely and everyone’s individual contribution is essential to the success of the group. You’ll be expected to set your own goals and meet them each and every week. We don’t count hours or tell you when to work, but we do expect you to get your work done.


Almost all of our communication is written, so it’s really important you write well and enjoy communicating your ideas through words.

You should be well versed in PHP, JavaScript, and WordPress development. We also use Ruby in a few different places (Forge for example), so any interest or experience with Ruby is a bonus.

You’ll also need to help out with regular system adminstration tasks like deploying with Capistrano, checking logs, tweaking Varnish, and writing scripts. Basic familiarity with *nix systems (we use Debian) is essential, and some experience with system administration is preferred.

Work from anywhere

We are looking for a creative and talented person from anywhere in the world. We’re a distributed team, and we don’t have an office here in Boise, so you’ll be working from home or wherever you prefer to work.

Benefits and tools

This is a full-time position with a competitive salary and benefits. We’ll also pay for any necessary hardware, software, books, and conferences. We don’t have a set vacation policy — take it when you need it.

You’ll also get to take a team trip to WordCamp San Francisco once per year. It’s always a blast to meet everyone and hang out in real life for a few days.

Some of the tools, software and technology we currently use include: Apple computers (Linux works too), Git and Github for managing code, Campfire for group chat, and Basecamp for managing our projects.

How to apply

Send a well written cover letter to info [at] and include Developer in the subject line. Tell us why you want to work for The Theme Foundry and why you’d be a great fit for the position. Please include links to code that you’ve written (Github profile works well) and any contributions to open source software. Note: We really want to get to know you and we love it when folks get creative with their applications.

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