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PRO Child Theme Version 1.1 Released

By Drew Strojny on February 13, 2009

We just pushed out a new version of the PRO Child Theme fixing a somewhat major bug. The bug was causing the header logo to display incorrectly on single posts and pages. It is recommend you upgrade to the latest version. PRO members can download that here:

PRO Child Theme Version 1.1

Everyone should expect to see Vigilance 1.23 over the next week which will contain several bug fixes and a couple new features.


  1. Drew Strojny

    We don’t really have a screenshot or demo right now. The main feature of the PRO Child Theme right now is the ability to use your own logo in the header instead of the default text. When we release some new page templates for PRO members we will post some screenshots.

  2. Tom B.


    I see on the downloads page, you only have a link to download the main theme. Is the child theme going to be PRO only?

  3. Drew Strojny

    There are two versions of the Vigilance Child Theme. The “basic” child theme (the one included in the tutorial) is essentially just a barebones child theme that works with Vigilance and allows you to make your own customizations and still upgrade the theme. The PRO Child Theme has extra features and customizations built in and is only for PRO Members.

  4. Tom B.

    The problem is not that there are 2 versions of the child theme. The problem is, there is no place to download the non-PRO version. You have hidden the tutorial in the pay section, and there is no link to the non-pay version on the Download page. So as it stands now, anyone that does not have the child theme, can’t get it without paying.

  5. Tom B.

    I see. I didn’t think of looking back through your archives. You might want to consider putting a link on your downloads page. The child theme is one of your strongest selling points from my pov.

    I have found a small problem with the alt tag in the header photos. I use a contraction, I’ve, in it and it is getting a \ placed in it like this: I\’ve This is not real nice on mouseover, and probable not terribly nice for people that do not see the images. The sidebar alt tag works properly.

  6. Drew Strojny

    Good point, I should put something linking to the regular Child Theme.

    I will add that alt tag issue to the bug list for 1.23, thanks for pointing it out.

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