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Summer News

By Drew Strojny on July 1, 2009

We hope all the Vigilance users out there are enjoying a great summer!

Vigilance 1.40

Vigilance has been stable and robust for some time now, running along like a well oiled machine. Believe it or not, we didn’t need to make any changes for WordPress 2.8. It just works. This is great, but it doesn’t mean we are going to sit around and stare at it how good it looks. Vigilance 1.40 is scheduled to drop this summer and it will without a doubt blow you away. In fact, we are jumping version numbers due to all the enhancements! Here is what you can expect:

  • Theme Options: The theme options page will get a refresh, resulting in a cleaner and more streamlined user experience. We may also add some exciting new options!
  • Faster! We are diving under the hood to make some performance tweaks and enhancements.
  • Interface Improvements: The interface will get some minor design touch-ups and will look better than ever.
  • Full language support: We have been working and testing behind the scenes now for quite some time to internationalize Vigilance and it is almost complete. Expect to see Dutch, French, and German translations available shortly after the release.

Take a Test Drive

This new version will be available for testing. In fact, we encourage you to download the latest development version and take it for a test drive. Remember, this is not a stable version, so don’t use it in a production environment unless you know what you are doing. If you run into any issues while testing please post them in the comments.

We do not have a firm release date set for Vigilance 1.40 at this time, but it will be released this summer.

Summer Sale!

Our Spring Membership sale was awesome so we are kicking off the summer with another sale! This time around we are limiting the number of coupons to 100. If you have been on the fence about PRO Membership now is a great time to join and start enjoying all of the benefits. Sign-up now and save $5 off PRO membership with coupon code 34D3F.


  1. troyjason

    “Faster! We are diving under the hood to make some performance tweaks and enhancements.”

    Excellent. Vigilance is already light years ahead of other themes because it lacks the bloat and poor code so common these days. Any additional improvements will be great news!

    Thanks for the update Drew!

  2. Mike

    Love the theme. Can you only change the background color in the PRO edition?

  3. Mike

    Oh. I mean the outside background colors … outside the border of the writing area. Can that be changed? Like on this page. The outside background is a deep beige or something. Can I do that orr does it have to stay white? I tried to change the color in “vigilance options” but no changes took affect. If I need the pro version for that I’ll upgrade immediately. If not, I’d like to change it now to take it for a good test drive.

  4. Drew Strojny

    You can indeed change the background color “outside the border of the writing area” without PRO Membership. If you are having trouble getting it working I would suggest signing up for a PRO membership and starting a topic in the support forums :)

  5. Guro

    I really enjoy the theme since I’m using it.
    I would like to translate the theme in Bulgarian. Drew, if you are interested contact me.

  6. Drew Strojny

    Thanks Guro! We have a link to download the development branch of Vigilance 1.40 in the post above. It now has a .po file included so you can get started on the translation. Be sure to send us an email when you complete it.

  7. Alex

    Can I translate your (great) theme to spanish?

  8. Drew Strojny


    Go for it! Make sure you download the development branch referenced in the post above and contact us when it is complete.

  9. GeorgWP


    I translated your very fine theme some time ago, but I am not sure whether I told you about it. I am looking forward to the internationalized edition. In fact, I have already made a .po file for your theme. I will mail it to you shortly. If I forget it, you can get it via

    By the way, in line 64 of vigilance-admin.php, you should replace the period with a comma.

  10. Drew Strojny

    Thanks Georg!

    I couldn’t find a .po file in the download. If you could send me one that matches up with the latest internationalized version of the theme that would be great.

  11. Kamal Syed

    Great theme. I’d love to signup for Pro – but I’d like to see more themes on your site!

    Are you working on some more Themes for us to choose from?


  12. Matt Deaton

    Love the mighty V! Been wearing it out for about a year. Only problem, spammers! You recommend any particular captcha plugins?

    Thanks for the GREAT theme! Let me know if I can ever do anything to repay the favor.

  13. Drew Strojny

    Thanks Matt!

    For spam I recommend turning on the “commenter must have a previously approved comment” option. Works well for us here.

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