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Archive of posts with the child theme topic

How to fix the WordPress white screen of death

By Corey McKrill on September 24, 2014

White Screen of Death?

If you’re staring at a white screen wondering where your WordPress website went, you’re not alone. Nearly every avid WordPress user has experienced the fabled “white screen of death” at one time or another. It’s a pain when it happens, but it’s usually easy to fix.

We’re about to explore several common causes of the white screen of death – from plugins to PHP and beyond. If you need to get rid of a white screen and recover your website right now, you’ll learn how. And if you’ve tangled with the white screen of death previously, don’t click away yet! We’re going to discuss various white screen scenarios, some of which you may not have encountered.

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Add custom CSS to WordPress

By Corey McKrill on August 26, 2014

So you want to change this one small thing in your WordPress theme. How do you do it?

It’s a question we’ve addressed on our blog before. Covering everything from the basics of CSS, the pitfalls of editing your theme’s core stylesheet, and the concept of WordPress child themes, the following posts were extremely well-received by our readers:

If you haven’t read those posts yet, we recommend checking them out before proceeding further. You’ll learn how to customize your theme with a child theme, which is usually the best method. This post is for readers who want to customize their theme but, for one reason or another, aren’t sure whether they should use a child theme or a plugin to add custom CSS.

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PRO Child Theme Version 1.1 Released

By Drew Strojny on February 13, 2009

We just pushed out a new version of the PRO Child Theme fixing a somewhat major bug. The bug was causing the header logo to display incorrectly on single posts and pages. It is recommend you upgrade to the latest version. PRO members can download that here:

PRO Child Theme Version 1.1

Everyone should expect to see Vigilance 1.23 over the next week which will contain several bug fixes and a couple new features.

Easy Upgrading With Child Themes

By Drew Strojny on September 23, 2008

A quick tutorial on using WordPress “Child Themes” to upgrade Vigilance while maintaining your custom CSS, adding custom functions, and eventually adding custom templates (WordPress 2.7) adding custom templates.

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