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Archive of posts with the Vigilance topic

New Release! Vigilance 1.34

By Drew Strojny on May 4, 2009

A fresh new version of Vigilance is ready for download. Here’s what’s new:

  • Bugfix: Custom code in the sidebox was broken in 1.33
  • Security Enhancement: Added empty index files to prevent directory snooping
  • Enhancement: Added styling for <p> tags in the custom code box
  • Enhancement: Cleaner padding implemented in the post meta

Download Version 1.34 Now!

Coming Soon!

If you have you been waiting for an internationalized version of Vigilance—your wait is almost over. We will be internationalizing Vigilance very soon! This will not effect English users, but will make it much easier for all of our international users.

Version 1.33 Fixing Footer

By Drew Strojny on April 14, 2009

Version 1.32 contained a bug that improperly formatted your footer stats code. Thanks to Andy for catching this and pointing it out. We are pushing out version 1.33 quickly to resolve this issue. If you haven’t downloaded 1.32 you should simply skip to 1.33. If you have downloaded and installed 1.32 the only changed file in 1.33 is /vigilance/footer.php.

Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused anyone!

Download Version 1.33 Now

Vigilance 1.32 Released

By Drew Strojny on April 14, 2009

Vigilance 1.32 is now official. Here are the changes:

  • Enhancement: Optimized comment hover bubble to avoid a brief flicker of the background image
  • Security Enhancement: Properly sanitized all theme option HTML outputs
  • Enhancement: Updated the demo Feedburner email updates link to point to Google
  • Bug Fix: Fixed two XHTML validation errors
  • Enhancement: Removed empty logo image
  • Enhancement: Tweaked the alert box color to improve aesthetics

Download Version 1.32 Now!

Vigilance 1.31 Released

By Drew Strojny on March 25, 2009

Note: A new version of the PRO child theme has also been released. Only 1 line has changed; line 76 in the header.php file. I encourage existing PRO members to just replace this line to avoid overwriting any existing customizations. Download version 1.21 of the PRO Child Theme.

Version 1.31 contains one important bug fix for some Vigilance users and a minor enhancement:

  • Bug Fix: Vigilance 1.30 implemented default “thin” sidebars along with a default “wide” sidebar. This created a problem because some users don’t actually use the “thin” sidebars. In version 1.30 the default “thin” sidebars no longer disappeared when left empty. This is corrected in 1.31.
  • Enhancement: Replaced an instance of is_home with is_front_page in the header. This is beneficial to users who do not use a “blog page” as their default home page.

Download Version 1.31 Now!

Vigilance 1.30 Released

By Drew Strojny on March 17, 2009

Vigilance 1.30 has been released, go ahead and download it now. Changes are listed below.

  • New Feature: Twitter in your updates box! (easily enabled from the theme options menu)
  • Bug Fix: Link color not showing in the highlight box
  • Bug Fix: Next pages link on index pages for paginated posts
  • Improved home page recognition by using is_front_page instead of is_home
  • Slightly increased font size in the updates box
  • Enabled sidebars by default on new installations
  • Increased space between the content and sidebar by 10px to improve readability and aesthetic
  • Improved sidebar list item spacing and alignment

Be sure to let us know if you find any bugs in the release.