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Archive of posts with the wordpress theme topic

Vigilance 1.30 Released

By Drew Strojny on March 17, 2009

Vigilance 1.30 has been released, go ahead and download it now. Changes are listed below.

  • New Feature: Twitter in your updates box! (easily enabled from the theme options menu)
  • Bug Fix: Link color not showing in the highlight box
  • Bug Fix: Next pages link on index pages for paginated posts
  • Improved home page recognition by using is_front_page instead of is_home
  • Slightly increased font size in the updates box
  • Enabled sidebars by default on new installations
  • Increased space between the content and sidebar by 10px to improve readability and aesthetic
  • Improved sidebar list item spacing and alignment

Be sure to let us know if you find any bugs in the release.

Another Quick Release: Titan 1.1

By Drew Strojny on March 14, 2009

After looking at the theme for a couple days there were a few design annoyances we wanted to clean up and a few features we wanted to add. We ended up changing the look slightly hence the version bump. Here is the run-down on version 1.1:

  • Changed the look of the top notice to improve visibility and cleanliness.
  • Tweaked dimensions and added more width to the content. It felt cramped.
  • Fixed the Flickr link issue and provided clear instructions in the options menu.
  • Added a toggle on/off option for the Twitter & Email links.

Download Titan 1.1

Titan 1.01

By Drew Strojny on March 12, 2009

Download Now

Titan 1.01 was released today. We don’t plan on releasing a new version every day, so don’t get your hopes up! An annoying bug popped up that prevented the Sidebar Adbox from being disabled. This seemed pretty important and worthy of the quick release. Be sure to post any bugs you find in the comments so we can start knocking them out.

Titan 1.0 Released

By Drew Strojny on March 11, 2009

We are proud and excited to announce the arrival of our second WordPress theme, Titan. We know you can’t wait to get it in your hot little hands so hustle over to the download page and give it a spin.

Premium and Free

Titan is a super clean, premium quality WordPress theme that is completely free. Titan is released under the terms of the GNU GPLv3. We know you are really excited to read the license, but we will sum it up for you anyway:

  • Titan is free for you to download, customize, and use.
  • You aren’t allowed to distribute Titan under a different license.

That was easy, now on to the fun stuff.

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Vigilance 1.22 and PRO Membership

By Drew Strojny on February 10, 2009

We have some exciting news to announce. Vigilance 1.22 has been released and we are now offering a PRO Membership with the following benefits:

  • Members only forum
  • Unlimited theme support
  • Priority upgrades
  • Comprehensive theme tutorials
  • Killer customization tips
  • Logo Pack: Your logo in the header!

PRO Memberships are being offered at an introductory price of $39 and to kick it off we are offering a 50% discount coupon to the first 50 members to sign up! That’s just $19.50!

Sign-up now with the coupon code 6CA27 to receive your discount. Sold Out.

Why PRO Membership?

We felt it was time to start offering “real” support and premium upgrades to Vigilance users that need help and/or want power features. Vigilance has been supported in the comments until now, but as the users grew a more robust solution became necessary. That put us in a predicament, we didn’t have time for a more robust “free” solution, and if we were going to support Vigilance, we wanted to do it right.

We also realized support can be a big problem when choosing an open source theme. You always wonder: Will the developer be around to help if something goes wrong or if I have questions? Most users feel comfortable downloading a theme if they know they will have someone to turn to when they have a problem or just need some help. PRO membership gives users that “safety net” and allows us to offer robust support and premium upgrades to those users that want it.

Just the Beginning

We will continue to add PRO Membership benefits as time goes on. We are planning to release more free themes, including one very soon. PRO Members will receive support for all current and future Jestro Themes as part of their membership. Consider your PRO membership an investment that will grow as we release more themes, features, and benefits.


If you have any thoughts about this exciting news feel free to leave a comment. We would love to hear your feedback.

Update: Vigilance 1.22 Features

Forgot to include the new Vigilance 1.22 features in the original post. Here they are:

  • Cleaned up the Theme Options menu and added a PRO member option for a logo in the header.
  • Tweaked the copyright notice in the head meta to say “Theme Design Copyright” instead of “Copyright”

We will be releasing a new version with more bug fixes and some more PRO features soon!

Vigilance 1.21 released featuring a new blockquote and theme option!

By Drew Strojny on January 5, 2009

Vigilance 1.21 is now official. Head over to the download page to grab a copy. Take a look at the improvements:

  • Fixed broken layout when login is required to make comments
  • Added a new theme option to exclude header navigation items by page ID (thanks Jason!)
  • Search box added when search returns no results
  • Fixed font sizing on child pages in the sidebar
  • Restyled the original blockquote and changed the old style to .float-quote

Check out the new and improved super-duper blockquote! Clean, professional, and eye-catching. You can still use the old style, check the updated tutorials page for specific instructions.

Vigilance 1.2 Released

By Drew Strojny on December 23, 2008

Download Now

We are happy to announce Vigilance 1.2 has been released! This is the most stable Vigilance release to date. A few bugs have been squashed and some new features added:

  • Cleaned up the alternating comment coloring
  • Search term was not included in the title of the search results page
  • Added trackbacks/pingbacks functionality and separated them from the comments
  • Fixed too many tags breaking the layout issue
  • Fixed the custom code feature so that it actually works

Hope everyone enjoys the release and be sure to report any bugs in the comments.

Vigilance 1.16

By Drew Strojny on November 28, 2008

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In the rush to push out a fix for the comments issue we missed a formatting error in the functions.php file. This is causes a Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by error when you try to login to your WordPress admin panel. Please immediately update to 1.16 to fix this issue. 1.15 will no longer be available for download.

Comments Issue Fixed in Vigilance 1.15

By Drew Strojny on November 28, 2008

Download Now

Unfortunately, a bug has been discovered in version 1.14 that causes the following error in all versions prior to 2.7 (which is currently in beta):
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: post_password_required()

This 1.15 release fixes that bug. We encourage everyone that upgraded to 1.14 to now upgrade to 1.15. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.