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Toggle an extra row of buttons with WordPress

By Andy Adams on April 12, 2012

As a theme developer, there are situations when having some extra buttons on the content editor can come in handy. WordPress provides the mce_buttons_3 hook, which allows you to add buttons to a third row on the visual editor.

3rd row of buttons with the kitchen sink on

However, by default this row will show no matter what, even when you toggle the “kitchen sink” on and off:

3rd row of buttons with the kitchen sink off

It seems more logical to toggle the third row on and off along with the rest of the advanced buttons. In fact, there is a core ticket dealing with this very situation.

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In searching around, I discovered a WordPress StackExchange thread that described my exact problem – but without a solution to the toggle issue.

I decided to dig into the TinyMCE API and write my own little jQuery function to handle it. You can add this code directly to your TinyMCE plugin init call:

init : function( ed, url ) {
    ed.onInit.add(function( ed ) {
        if ( getUserSetting( 'hidetb', '0' ) == '0' ) {
            jQuery( '#content_toolbar3' ).hide();

        jQuery( '#wp-content-editor-container #content_wp_adv' ).click(function() {
            if ( jQuery( '#content_toolbar2' ).is( ':visible' ) ) {
                jQuery( '#content_toolbar3' ).show();
            } else {
                jQuery( '#content_toolbar3' ).hide();

Once you add this snippet to your editor plugin JavaScript, your extra row of buttons will toggle on and off along with the other advanced buttons:

Hidden row of buttons

Let me know if it works for you!

Additional resources for writing your own TinyMCE plugin:

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