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Traction 1.0 released

By Drew Strojny on May 25, 2010


Traction 1.0 has been released! Head over to the downloads page to grab your copy.

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Traction PRO child theme updated to version 1.0

The Traction PRO child theme has been upgraded to version 1.0. If you have not customized your PRO child theme feel free to simply replace it with the new version (make a backup copy just in case). If you have customized your PRO child theme and would like a list of the specific changes download the diff file.

Traction 1.0 Changelog

  • New PRO Feature: Added option to disable the About box and use widgets instead.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed missing bottom margin on posts without thumbnails.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed several broken translation strings.
  • Bug Fix: Remove the date from search results.
  • Miscellaneous: A myriad of code cleanup changes and link updates.


  1. Shane

    Hi :D
    I just wanted to say that love this theme (and use the free version for my personal blog). Its great that you are continuing to improve it and was wondering whether it does/will support WordPress 3.0 once it is released?

  2. Drew Strojny

    Hi Shane!

    Yes, all of our themes are tested and working on the latest 3.0 Release Candidate.

  3. Macstof


    Just a quick question: Should I replace only the Pro child theme, or also the parent theme?

  4. Drew Strojny

    Hi Macstof!

    You should replace both, unless you have customized the PRO child theme. If you have, I would recommend making the changes manually via the provided diff file. If you have any problems drop us a line in the support forums.

  5. Tom

    Probably going to end up getting the Pro Traction theme but would there be a chance of getting a Linked in button similar to the twitter follow button/icon..

    Probably hack this myself but suspect others may like this.

  6. Drew Strojny

    Hi Tom!

    Right now we don’t plan on adding a LinkedIn button but we could certainly get you on the right track for adding your own.

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