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Traction .97 released

By Drew Strojny on March 31, 2010


Traction .97 has been released. Head to the member resources page to grab your copy.

Traction PRO child theme updated to version .97

The Traction PRO child theme has been upgraded to version .97. If you have not customized your PRO child theme feel free to simply replace it with the new version (make a backup copy just in case). If you have customized your PRO child theme and would like a list of the specific changes download the diff file.

Traction .97 Changelog

  • Bug Fix: Fixed post count when slider is disabled.
  • Bug Fix: Added support for the nextpage quicktag.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed 3rd level comment threading.


  1. Chris

    I just noticed what looks like a display bug in Traction. On the index page, next to each post, I think there is supposed to be a date listed. But in Firefox 3.6.3 you can only see the last letter of the month, and in IE7 you can’t see the date at all. Anyways, just an FYI. Great looking theme!

  2. Drew Strojny

    Hi Chris!

    Glad you like Traction! Thanks for the bug report, but I am pretty sure the dates are working. They look fine on the Traction demo site in Firefox 3.6.3 and IE7.

  3. Chris


    Thanks for getting back. I just looked at the demo site in both Firefox 3.6.3 and IE7. The sites aren’t too wide for the screen (no scroll bar on the bottom), but I realized that when I do a page zoom out (hold control and scroll up or down), I can see the dates. I’ve noticed this on several computers, so I don’t think the problem is unique to me. Thanks!

  4. Drew Strojny

    No problem Chris, thanks again for helping out! That certainly is strange. Would you mind sending some screenshots so I can look into it further? info ~at~

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