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Updates to Make and Make Plus

By Zack Tollman on August 15, 2014

Earlier this week, we released several user experience enhancements for Make, our powerful, drag-and-drop WordPress theme. We also updated Make Plus, the premium plugin that adds even more great features to Make.

All of these updates come directly from user feedback and feature requests. At The Theme Foundry, we closely monitor your comments and suggestions for improving our themes. For this release, we’ve added many of the requested changes to our free theme – so anyone can download Make and enjoy the enhancements!

Here’s a quick rundown of the improvements we made.

Updates to Make

These changes focus on giving you additional flexibility when adapting Make to your design preferences:

  • Header bar menu: We added a new menu area you can place at the top of any page. To add the menu area, go to “Navigation” in the WordPress Theme Customizer and select it from a dropdown.
  • Improved responsive handling of Banner sections: Banner sections have been improved to better accommodate mobile device users.
  • Show or hide comment counts: Previously, you couldn’t show comment counts for posts. Now you can show or hide comment counts per your preference.
  • Additional control over post data display: When you choose post meta attributes (e.g., author, date) to display with your posts, you can also choose where they appear – below the post content or above it.
  • Use the Builder for Custom Post Types: Advanced users can register Builder support for Custom Post Types by adding code to a child theme. For example, to use the Builder for a Custom Post Type titled “Books,” you would place the following code in your child theme: add_post_type_support( 'book', 'make-builder' );.

Updates to Make Plus

In addition to the updates described above, Make Plus users now benefit from:

  • New layout options for text columns: When adding two or three text columns to a page, you can make columns wider or narrower than others.
  • Additional layout setting overrides: We added more layout override options at the page and post levels. Now you can override group-level settings for the post date location, post author location, and comment count.
  • Offset parameter for the Post List section: Advanced users can offset results when using post listings to make WordPress return a set posts meeting specific criteria. Instead of always starting with the first result, you can specify which results to return.

We think these enhancements give you even more flexibility when using Make and Make Plus to build a website that’s all your own. Thanks so much to everyone who sent us feedback and recommendations. We couldn’t have made these improvements without you!

To experience the updates in action, simply download Make for free.


  1. David Chartier

    Strange thing when I load the theme preview site: I’m on the OS X Yosemite beta and iCloud Keychain is enabled (it lets Safari fill logins and credit cards into web forms).

    When I load that page, it triggers Safari’s credit card filling option so my four cards appear in a menu on the left side, aligned near the top of the window bar. I’ve never seen that happen before.

  2. Zack Tollman

    Hi David!

    Thanks for the report! We’ll take a look.

  3. Zack Tollman

    Thanks for the report, Michael! Out of curiosity, does this occur on our themes pages? For example, do you see this happening on the Bailey page.

    Thanks again for taking the time to report this to us.

  4. Christal Guziec

    So I love the Make theme, but there is still an issue with the “comments”. When I look at the blog page on my Make-built website, I see no Comments section, and in fact the green bar that shows up above the comments section, shows up in the middle of my post. If, however, I click on the post title to view an individual post, rather than just the “blog” page, then things display properly and there is a comments section. Could you guys please let me know when to expect a fix for this? Thank you!!!

  5. Zack Tollman

    Hi Christal!

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the comments.

    Comments do not show on the blog listing page. This page is intended to be an index that gives the visitor an overview of your content. The visitor can then click to view more of the content by viewing the individual post page, which also features the post’s comments.

    I am curious about “the green bar” in the middle of your post. We’ve not heard of this issue before. Can you link us to your site so we can take a look?

  6. David LeVack

    I’m still having issues with the Banners populating text properly in mobile devices. Is there any documentation on what I can do to fix this issue by tampering with the code?

  7. Scott Rollo

    Hello David!

    Since this release we have made several more improvements to the Banner section. Are you using the latest version?

    If you continue to hit problems, let us know in our Help Center — we’d be glad to get this sorted out for you.

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