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Vigilance 1.50 released

By Drew Strojny on June 17, 2010


Vigilance 1.50 has officially arrived! Coincidentally, WordPress 3.0 was also released today. This new and improved version of Vigilance takes advantage of the new menu support in WordPress 3.0 and adds a really slick logo uploader. There are also numerous other improvements and bug fixes, be sure to read through the changelog for details. And of course, head on over to the downloads page to grab your copy!

Vigilance PRO child theme updated to version 1.40

PRO child theme 1.40 diff file

The Vigilance PRO child theme has been upgraded to version 1.40. If you have customized your PRO child theme please read through the upgrade instructions. If you plan on using the diff file, please note the vast majority of the changes have been made in the /functions folder. I would recommend replacing that folder entirely with the new version and using the diff file to make the rest of your changes.

Vigilance 1.50 Changelog

  • New PRO Feature: Easy to use logo uploader.
  • New PRO Feature: WordPress 3.0 menu support.
  • Feature Enhancement: Faster and more dependable loading of the custom colors stylesheet.
  • Feature Enhancement: Improved logo / navigation alignment and spacing.
  • Improvement: Clarified the upload locations in the theme options page.
  • Bug Fix: Removed unnecessary escape attributes.
  • Bug Fix: Improved search form loading.
  • Bug Fix: Replaced deprecated bloginfo reference.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed “Edit this” translation string along with a few other broken translation strings.
  • Miscellaneous: Massive codebase cleanup.


  1. Anton

    Nice Work!
    Just wondering if Traction is also slated for a WP 3 update.


  2. Drew Strojny

    Sure thing Anton. All of our themes are slated for an upgrade over the next couple weeks to take advantage of the new WP 3.0 features. Keep in mind, Traction will work fine with WP 3.0 right now, so don’t hesitate to upgrade.

  3. Dave

    I installed this update in my vigilance_pro folder and suddenly my WP admin thinks I am using the free Vigilance. Should I have done this?

  4. Drew Strojny

    Hi Dave!

    Shoot us a post in the support forums and we will get everything straightened out for you.

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