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Vigilance 1.1 Released

By Drew Strojny on September 23, 2008

We just pushed out Vigilance 1.1 which contains a few new features and some bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading to this release:

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  • Added background color and link color to the Theme Options Menu for super easy color customization. The background.css file has now been deprecated.
  • The theme is now fully compatible with the subscribe to comments plugin and now contains a link to the comment RSS feed.
  • Added “Edit” links to posts and pages for easy editing when you are logged in with proper privileges.
  • Added proper paragraph spacing for comments
  • Added a “Your comment is awaiting moderation” message when the feature is enabled.
  • Fixed recent comments widget display bug.
  • Fixed category widget when post count was enabled.

One Response

  1. Rohit Sinha

    Hi Drew,

    Amazingly cool theme. I am really pleased with how everything turned out. All I did was change the top banner and the background color (after following your instructions for installing, of course) and the result looks stunning (at least to me).

    If there was a PayPal donate button or something, I would have been happy to send a few bucks your way.

    Keep up the good work!


    Rohit Sinha

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