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Vigilance 1.2 Released

By Drew Strojny on December 23, 2008

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We are happy to announce Vigilance 1.2 has been released! This is the most stable Vigilance release to date. A few bugs have been squashed and some new features added:

  • Cleaned up the alternating comment coloring
  • Search term was not included in the title of the search results page
  • Added trackbacks/pingbacks functionality and separated them from the comments
  • Fixed too many tags breaking the layout issue
  • Fixed the custom code feature so that it actually works

Hope everyone enjoys the release and be sure to report any bugs in the comments.


  1. Jason Costomiris

    Great work on this theme.. I hacked a bit on the admin options, as well as header.php to add a configurable option to allow users to exclude pages from the nav header.

    I just got tired of editing header.php’s wp_list_pages() function call to add the exclude=…. parameter to the fn call.

    I added a knob to the admin screen that allows you to specific a comma delimited list of pages to exclude (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5), and the supporting code bits to header.php (pulling the exclude variable as well as dropping the value in the fn call. exclude= with a null arg appears to be valid syntax as well.

    A diff, which also includes the fix you referenced above, done against 1.20 code is here:

  2. Drew Strojny

    Thanks Jason! Awesome job! We really appreciate it. This will be very helpful and useful for everyone. It will be included in the next release for sure.

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