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Vigilance 1.30 Released

By Drew Strojny on March 17, 2009

Vigilance 1.30 has been released, go ahead and download it now. Changes are listed below.

  • New Feature: Twitter in your updates box! (easily enabled from the theme options menu)
  • Bug Fix: Link color not showing in the highlight box
  • Bug Fix: Next pages link on index pages for paginated posts
  • Improved home page recognition by using is_front_page instead of is_home
  • Slightly increased font size in the updates box
  • Enabled sidebars by default on new installations
  • Increased space between the content and sidebar by 10px to improve readability and aesthetic
  • Improved sidebar list item spacing and alignment

Be sure to let us know if you find any bugs in the release.


  1. GeekLady

    It would be nice if your custom header image could be a home link, (at least the version implemented by doesn’t do this) but other than that, it’s a wonderful theme.

  2. Paolo

    Very nice theme. I’ve inserted it in WordPressGala, my WP themes gallery site.

  3. Alex

    Hey thanks for the updates, this is truly the best free theme from a UI standpoint.

    Just one thing, I put your domain( in browsershots and it appears that in Internet Explorer 5.5, the right sidebar drops to the bottom of the page. I know very few users still use that browser but just thought I’d let you know.

    Thanks again for this gorgeous, user friendly theme.


  4. Drew Strojny

    Thanks for the feedback!

    The custom header image is a link in the version. We don’t have control over the version.

  5. Drew Strojny

    Thanks for the heads up Alex. We don’t have any plans for making the theme IE 5.5 compatible :)

    Glad you are enjoying Vigilance!

  6. Jason

    Thanks Drew, another great update..

    I must be thick or something, I’m still not quite wrapping my head around the “pro” stuff. :)

    So, in the theme options, “Custom Logo Image” is a “PRO Feature”, but I’m not sure what’s stopping me from using it. I’m not using it, but like I said, I’m probably just being dense. Wouldn’t be the first time. :)

    Lastly, the pro membership sign-up page refers to special members-only add-ons. Like what? I’d be more likely to cough up the cash (as I’m sure others would), if there was a comparison matrix that outlined some specifics… Or am I just overlooking it?

  7. Drew Strojny

    Hi Jason!

    The “Custom Logo Image” is not enabled and “active” unless you have the PRO Child Theme installed. Right now the special members “add-ons” are the custom logo image and 2 extra page templates.

    Good suggestion on the comparison matrix. I will take a look at implementing one.

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