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Vigilance 1.31 Released

By Drew Strojny on March 25, 2009

Note: A new version of the PRO child theme has also been released. Only 1 line has changed; line 76 in the header.php file. I encourage existing PRO members to just replace this line to avoid overwriting any existing customizations. Download version 1.21 of the PRO Child Theme.

Version 1.31 contains one important bug fix for some Vigilance users and a minor enhancement:

  • Bug Fix: Vigilance 1.30 implemented default “thin” sidebars along with a default “wide” sidebar. This created a problem because some users don’t actually use the “thin” sidebars. In version 1.30 the default “thin” sidebars no longer disappeared when left empty. This is corrected in 1.31.
  • Enhancement: Replaced an instance of is_home with is_front_page in the header. This is beneficial to users who do not use a “blog page” as their default home page.

Download Version 1.31 Now!


  1. Jignesh Adhyaru


    I was using vigilance on from since it was declared.

    Now i am building my own weblog at, and i can not think about any other theme then vigilance.

    I am trying various options before launching of my weblog. My blog is in Gujarati (Indian) language.

    I really appreciate the great efforts from you. Thanks for giving such a nice theme.

    The only thing i wanted to ask you is a permission for writing vigilance theme jestro “dwara” instead of Vigilance Theme by Jestro, where dwara in gujarati means “by”. Links and all other settings will remain same.

    I hope you allow me for this.



  2. Konstantin

    Thank you for the stylish and simple theme!
    Do you plan to internationalize it?
    If you wrap text into __() and _e(), I would translate it into Russian, for example…

  3. Drew Strojny

    Good question!

    We haven’t taken any steps to internationalize Vigilance yet, but it is in the plans.

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