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Vigilance 1.45 Released

By Drew Strojny on December 15, 2009

Vigilance Theme version 1.45

Vigilance 1.45 is now available for download and is ready for WordPress 2.9! PRO members head to the member downloads page. Everyone else can grab a copy from the Vigilance page.

PRO child theme updated to version 1.31

The PRO child theme has been upgraded to version 1.31. If you have not customized your PRO child theme feel free to simply replace it with the new version (make a backup copy just in case). If you have customized your PRO child theme please follow these simple instructions:

  • Download the new PRO child theme (version 1.31)
  • Add the new /functions folder to your existing vigilance_pro folder
  • Replace line 11 of your header.php file with line 11 from the header.php file in the new child theme
  • Edit your style.css file and change the version to 1.31

If you are a PRO member and would like a diff file detailing the changes please post a request in the support forums.


  • Security Enhancement: Sanitized the get_search_query function.
  • Style Enhancement: Improved margins for floated images.
  • Usability Enhancement: Added the wpautop function to automatically add paragraph tags to the alert box.
  • Bugfix: Fixed empty height declaration for top-banner and sidebar images.
  • Bugfix: Updated the link color to use the new options framework.
  • Miscellaneous: Updated the theme description copy, footer link, and screenshot.


  1. nv1962

    I suggest installing on a test server with Vigilance the Codestyling Localization plugin, to find localization issues due to improper formatting / wrapping of localized strings. As I’ve also mentioned here, there are several strings that cause problems either using or creating localization files (the .po and .mo files) and using that plugin will track that type of problems down for you. Not to mention that it’s a fantastic tool to create localizations, but that’s past the scope of the Vigilance development proper.

  2. Leonardo Fontenelle

    I’m still waiting for the internationalization improvements to start translatoring Vigilance and maybe other themes… As nv1962 points out, the messages that gettext extracts from the themes need to be more complete (not sentence fragments) for the translators to do a decent job.

  3. Drew Strojny

    Thanks Leonardo, I appreciate the feedback.

    I am planning on looking at this soon with the localization plugin nv1962 mentioned. If there are any specific cases you know of please send me an email (themes {at} detailing what needs to be changed/fixed.

  4. Drew Strojny


    I installed the localization plugin and everything worked well for me. After creating the /languages folder in either the parent or child theme I was able to test translating the .po files and I saw no errors. Here is where I think the problems are according to both your comments:

    1. The theme may be missing text that hasn’t been marked for translation.

    2. Some of the strings use an improper textdomain.

    3. Some of the strings may need to be more complete.

    It would be great if you could email me specific instances where these three problems exist, along with fixes for anything that falls into the third category. If I am missing something else please let me know. Either way, let’s carry this on over email. I can get you guys setup on our bug tracking software so you can report specific problems.


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