Common Questions

What’s the difference between Make and Make Plus?

Make is a WordPress theme that includes the Make Layout Engine page builder and leverages the Customizer for styling the look and feel of your site. Make is free, open source, and can be downloaded directly from the WordPress Theme Directory, or from our site.

Make Plus is a premium companion plugin for the Make theme. Make Plus enhances Make — adding new sections, integrations, and options in the page builder and Customizer. Make Plus includes dedicated support from our friendly staff of WordPress professionals.

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 How can I access the support forums?

Make users can read, search, and post in our community support forums on While we monitor the forums there, track bug requests, and help with theme troubleshooting, we’re not able to provide dedicated support for free theme users.

Make Plus users can access the Make Help Center by logging in to their account on our site. We answer all questions there within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Will installing Make Plus override my settings?

No! Because Make Plus is a plugin, installing it after you’ve already customized Make won’t affect any of your settings. We do recommend you install the child theme though, before you start customizing your site.

Can I upgrade to Make Plus Professional from Make Plus?

Absolutely! Our customers do that all the time. Right now it’s not something you can do yourself though, so email us at support [at] and we can get you taken care of.

How do I install Make Plus?

Keep in mind that Make Plus is a plugin, so you need to install it as a plugin (NOT a theme!). We have a video tutorial in the Make Docs that can help you if you’re still stuck.

How do I add code customizations to Make?

First you’ll want to install a child theme. You’ll find tutorials on customizing your theme files in our Make Docs, including documentation on Action & Filter Hooks.

Can I use Make Plus on client websites?

Sure you can! That’s exactly what Make Plus Professional is for — install and authorize on any client sites. Keep in mind that your clients won’t have access to our Help Center. If you have any other questions about Make Plus Professional, don’t hesitate to email us.