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We believe
it starts with great products. We care deeply about building functional and beautiful WordPress themes, tools, and plugins. We find joy in the process and obsess over the small details.
the best ideas win. We thrive on discussion and debate. Everyone checks their ego at the door and there are no sacred cows. We understand criticism and scrutiny makes everything we touch better.
challenges are essential. We set challenging goals for ourselves and take pride in accomplishing them on schedule. We realize each individual contribution is essential to the success of the team.
learning is questioning. Dogma and ideology form lazy thinking habits. There are lots of things we don't or can't understand, and that's OK — we're eager to break habits and learn new things.
words are special. Clear writing is a sign of clear thinking. We communicate with each other and our customers everyday. We love discussing and debating the best words for any situation.
we should work from anywhere. We care about the quality of the work, not where you choose to do it. We want creative and talented people on our team — from anywhere in the world.
No open positions.