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Installing your new theme

  1. Download your new theme package to your computer.
  2. From your WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance → Themes.
  3. Click on the Install Themes tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Click on the small Upload link just underneath the tabs at the top.
  5. Click on the Browse… button and choose the package you just downloaded.
  6. Click the Install Now button when prompted.
  7. Click the Manage Themes tab at the top of the page.
  8. Find your theme and click the Activate link below the screenshot.
  9. You’re done! Enjoy your new theme.


I can’t choose the theme folder to upload

Safari automatically decompresses .zip files on download, and WordPress requires a .zip file for this step. Head back to your downloads page, right click on the Download button, and select Download Linked File As… from the menu. Choose a location and then find that .zip file for step #5.

If you can’t right click, open Safari and navigate to Preferences → General. Now un-check the Open “safe” files after downloading option and re-download the theme.

I don’t see the Install Themes tab

You’re most likely using Themes purchased on this site require a self-hosted WordPress installation.

I’m receiving a “Destination folder already exists” error message

Log in to your server via FTP and delete any matching folders from your /wp-content/themes directory. For example, if you were installing Vigilance you would need to delete the vigilance folder.