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Setting a custom background

Navigate to Appearance → Background in your WordPress dashboard to quickly add a custom background image and/or background color.

Image dimensions

Where a height is not provided, feel free to insert your own custom value.

Blog post image:

  • Width: 396px

Audio post format background image:

  • Width: 400px
  • Height: 400px

Posting overview

Shelf takes full advantage of the new custom post formats in WordPress 3.1. Whenever you create a new post, choose an appropriate post format, and follow the instructions below.

Posting articles

Articles work just like regular WordPress posts, just leave the post format set to Standard and go!

Posting images

Select Image from the post format box and use the Set Featured Image link in the Featured Image box. You may also attach your image to the post itself using the upload image icon in the post editor. Note: Only the first attached image will be shown.

Select Link from the post format box and type your link title into the post content editor. Now highlight the text you just entered and create your link. The actual post title will be ignored and only the linked text you enter will be shown.

Posting audio

Select Audio from the post format box and upload your audio file via the upload audio icon at the top of your post editor. You may also add a description for your audio file in the post content area. To set a custom background on any audio card — edit the post and add a featured image (bottom right corner of the post editor sidebar). The image will then be displayed as the background for the card.

Posting video

Select Video from the post format box. Make sure you are editing in HTML mode, and paste your embed code into the post content area. The video card is setup to hold videos that are 560 pixels wide.

Youtube Embed Code

Click on the box labeled 560 x 340 and copy / paste the embed code.

Vimeo Embed Code

Click on the “Customize embed options” link and set the width to 560 (the height will adjust automatically). We also recommend unchecking the “Show text link below video” option.

Posting quotes

Select Quote from the post format box and paste your quote into the post content area. Next, wrap your quote in <blockquote></blockquote> tags.

Theme Options

Hiding the large background title text

Check the Hide background title box from inside the Shelf Options → Header menu.

To enable your subscribe links, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Theme options;
  2. Under Subscribe links, check to enable your social links;
  3. Enter the full URL links to your social sites in the provided input fields. Note: For Twitter, only enter your Twitter ID.

You can add a custom copyright line to the footer of your site. To do this:

  1. Go to Appearance → Theme Options;
  2. Under Footer, enter your custom message;
  3. Click Save changes.

By default, Shelf’s menu filters all your posts into the related post format types. For example, if you create an Audio post format, this post will appear under the Audio Format link in your navigation menu.

Creating a Category page

To create a Category page, please read through this Category page tutorial.

To exclude post types and categories, try the Simply Exclude plugin.