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Working With Images

To insert an image just use the add media button, pick your image, write your title and caption, choose your alignment, and choose insert into post.

Adding a border to uploaded images

By default, images uploaded to Posts and Pages do not have a border. To manually apply a border:

  1. Select your image, and click Edit Image;
  2. Switch to the Advanced Settings tab;
  3. In the CSS Class input box, add ‘border’;
  4. Click Update.

Image dimensions

Where a height is not provided, feel free to insert your own custom value.

Sidebar ad:

  • Width: 125px
  • Height: 125px

Sidebar sidebox:

  • Width: 236px
  • Height: 236px

Blog post image:

  • Width: 497px


First, if you haven’t already, you should sign up for Feedburner and then link it with your WordPress blog by following these instructions.

Now drop your Feedburner email updates link into the box and you are ready to go. To find your email updates link:

  1. Log in to Feedburner.
  2. Click the Publicize Tab
  3. Click Email Subscriptions in the menu on the left
  4. Click the activate button if the service is inactive
  5. Copy the link from the 2nd text box.

Make sure you only paste in the link (see below), not the surrounding anchor text:



Drop your twitter URL e.g. http://twiter.com/thethemefoundry into the box.


Using the Flickr option is easy. Copy and paste the link below into the Flickr Link box with your Flickr user ID substituted for YOURUSERID. To find your user ID go here: http://idgettr.com


After you have pasted in the link and inserted your user ID, click the save button and your photos will start showing up in your footer!

You can add a custom copyright line to the footer of your site. To do this:

  1. Go to Appearance → Theme Options;
  2. Under Footer, enter your custom message;
  3. Click Save changes.