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Using Float Quotes

To utilize the float quote we simply insert a <div> into our post like so:

<div class="float-quote">I want this quote to float to the left.</div>

The default behavior of the float-quote is to float left. If you want to float it right instead just throw in a class, so your code looks like this:

<div class="float-quote alignright">Float to the right.</div>

Using the Highlight Box

This box is red and it will highlight whatever you want to put in it. Keep in mind you can use header tags, paragraphs, and lists within the Highlight Box. Think of it as your personal soapbox. To utilize the highlight box we simply insert a <div> into our post like so:

<div class="highlight-box alignleft">I want this message noticed.</div>

Notice we used the alignleft class on the Highlight Box to float it left. By default it will float right.

Working with images

Vigilance is already set up for images with nice clean borders. To insert an image just use the add media button, pick your image, write your title and caption, choose your alignment, and choose “insert into post“.

That’s it, your done. If you want to add an image but you don’t want it to have a border (if it looks nice against your background for example). Simply add the noborder class to the image like so:

<img class="noborder" src="http://yoursite.com/yourimage.jpg"/>

Image dimensions

Where a height is not provided, feel free to insert your own custom value.

Site header image:

  • Width: 930px
  • Recommended height: 250px

Banner image:

  • Width: 596px
  • Recommended height: 60px

Blog post image:

  • Width: 600px

Theme Options

Layout and Colors

The custom background is disabled by default and the theme displays as clean white with no background. If you want to have a background color simply enable “Customize layout and colors” and enter your background color, border color, and link color into the corresponding fields or use the easy color picker.

Top Banner Images

The top banner images are controlled on the Appearance → Header screen. Simply upload your images and choose between a single static image or random rotating images.

This great little box is Feedburner ready.

First, if you haven’t already, you should sign up for Feedburner and then link it with your WordPress blog by following these instructions.

Now simply choose a title and some intro text and drop your Feedburner email updates link into the box and you are ready to go. To find your email updates link:

  1. Log in to Feedburner.
  2. Click the Publicize Tab
  3. Click Email Subscriptions in the menu on the left
  4. Click the activate button if the service is inactive
  5. Copy the link from the 2nd text box.

Make sure you only paste in the link (see below), not the surrounding anchor text:


You can add a custom copyright line to the footer of your site. To do this:

  1. Go to Appearance → Theme Options;
  2. Under Footer, enter your custom message;
  3. Click Save changes.