A little bit about plugins

There are over 21,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin repository. It is quite literally impossible for us to test or support our theme against all of these plugins. Even if we wanted to, many of these plugins simply won’t work with our themes. Plugins have the freedom to change almost anything that WordPress outputs, including the display of your theme.

How we build themes

We build our themes using WordPress coding standards and best practices. We also sometimes build unique functionality into a theme to handle a certain post format differently or use the excerpt in a creative way. If a plugin changes this same behavior, it very well could break the intended display of the theme. In this case, we can’t support the conflicting plugin, and we won’t let it drive our theme design process.

We make mistakes too

There is one important exception — our theme is doing something inherently wrong or not following WordPress best practices. If that is cause, we will of course fix the problem with the theme and want to know about it.

What about popular plugins?

We do take widely used plugins under consideration. If you have a problem with a popular plugin that isn’t sharing functionality with the theme, we want to know about it.