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Announcing Avid

By Andy Adams on July 17, 2012

Over the past two months, we’ve been working hard with the extremely talented Dave Ruiz of Foundation Six to build our latest WordPress theme. The team was given the task of translating Dave’s original and visually rich design to the browser. After many long hours of tweaking and polishing, we’re happy to announce the release of the absolutely stunning Avid photography theme.

Every detail of Avid is optimized and carefully crafted with photographers in mind. The theme gives you the power to quickly and easily showcase your images, galleries, videos, and blog posts in a beautiful and responsive layout. Take a spin through the live demo of Avid to see it in action.

Retina ready

All images used by Avid are Retina (high resolution display) ready. Images and icons will look crisp and vivid on Retina displays.

Timeline view

The centerpiece for Avid is the posts page. Your posts are laid out in an elegant timeline, chronologically sorted and lovely to behold.

Showcase your images

We’ve also provided a number of other ways to showcase posts, galleries and images, allowing you to set the mood of your site — anywhere from playful to professional. These include:

  • Gallery/images view – The gallery and images view provides a portal for quickly browsing your gallery posts and their images.
  • Individual gallery – Clicking an individual gallery post will bring you to a slideshow with thumbnail navigation that is both functional and beautiful.
  • Homepage template – For those seeking a more professional look on their home page, we’ve included a homepage template with a large featured slider. Each slider item represents one post, and is easily configured on the Edit Post screen. Use the slider to showcase your favorite galleries, images or writing.

Customization options

As with every Theme Foundry theme, Avid includes just the right amount of customization options to give you power over your site. All of Avid’s theme options are compatible with the new WordPress theme customizer, so you can preview your changes in real-time without saving.

Head over to the theme page to see what Avid has to offer.


  1. Andras Guseo

    Seeing this theme I wish I was a professional photographer so that I can use this theme to showcase my work.
    I guess I will just have to find some other uses to it. :-)

  2. Steven Gliebe

    This looks really, really, really good. Very nice design – and responsive to boot. I’m sure you’ll sell tons.

  3. Jeff Landis

    Drew! Great, I have been waiting patiently for this theme for the two months! Really glad to see it out. I will be downloading this first thing after work. Cannot wait to start a new website theme.

  4. Frank McMahon

    Looks great! I only see horizontal images, how does it adjust for vertical images? I do a lot of portrait photography like most photographers, so I’ll have a lot of pics that have a slimmer width and are taller. Does the theme adjust for this?

  5. Drew Strojny

    Jeff: Awesome! Glad to hear it. Be sure to send us a link when the site is up and running :)

    Frank: Thanks! The theme handles vertical images well, but it isn’t optimized for vertical images, nor will the layout change when you insert vertical images. You’ll simply see a black background on either side of the image.

  6. johanlm

    I REALLY like the looks and “simplicity” of it all, buuut …
    Due to the lack og “popup”/big version directly from the gallary + the lack of photo/pics description on each photo/picture in the gallery Ill never use it.
    I havnt tried it though, but I could not find this in the demo or the information so I suspect it is not “there”.
    Description on total gallery is not enough, and description on “view as images” is not enough when you have hundreds of photo sessions aka thousands of photos/pictures.
    But again …
    Havn’t tried it live, so I might miss something? If so, please tell.

  7. Andy Adams

    Hey johanim,

    You didn’t miss anything – right now, Avid doesn’t have any individual image descriptions on galleries. This is probably something we’ll look at adding – I’m filing a ticket with the theme right away :). Keep an eye on our blog for update announcements, and thanks for the idea!

  8. Missy Biozarre

    First off, I think Avid is gorgeous. I’ve never bought a theme before but this one has its hooks in me and I think it would be perfect for the start-up freelance graphic design website I want to form. However, I do have some concerns–partly about the lack of individual descriptions that Johalm mentioned. Does Avid offer the password protected gallery that Photography offers? I am aware that any blog post or page can be password protected but I’m not too sure about the gallery feature. Now my big question is: if I bought this theme now, would I get any updated versions for free or would I have to buy the theme all over again to get the latest versions?

  9. Drew Strojny

    Glad to hear you like Avid Missy :-)

    Individual descriptions / captions are something we are considering adding to the theme. Avid will support password protected galleries with the next update. And yes, updates are included with your purchase. You won’t have to buy the theme again to get the latest versions. If you have other questions to hesitate to send us an email — info at

  10. Clare Walsh

    I am in love, I run two Photography theme websites and am really keen to move over to this to merge the two. However the password protected galleries is essential for my business so would have to wait til the updates. I’m sure many people will be the same. When do you think the update will be so i can check back?


  11. Andy Adams

    Hey Clare,

    Thanks for the kind words! We’ve got the code finished up for password-protected galleries, and I’m hoping to push an update by the end of this week.

  12. Arvind Mohan

    How can I have facebook comment box in Avid theme? Will it be looking same or some customization is available?

  13. Arvind Mohan

    What are the sharing options available with Avid for social networking sites?

  14. Jo

    Wow! What an awesome theme! Love the timeline and the “ribbons” denoting the type of post. Can the colour scheme of Avid be changed without coding? For example, can the dark colour of the background and captions be easily changed to a light colour? I’ve tried the “tester” version but can’t access settings to test what Avid can do. :)

    Congratulations on such a fantastic theme! :)



  15. Andy Adams

    Hey Arvind,

    The sharing options for Avid are showcased at the bottom of the demo site – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr and Pinterest.

    As for the FB comment box – I’m assuming you’re referring to a plugin. We don’t have explicit support for a FB comment box, but it should look however the plugin styles it. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding!

  16. Andy Adams

    Thank you for the kind words, Jo!

    The colors in Avid are mostly hard-set, and you’d need to use CSS to change them around. We’re happy to provide small CSS snippets to change things here and there.

    The reason the background is not changeable is because the theme’s color scheme can get extremely washed out with any color except dark grey. We chose not to support custom background colors for this reason, but you’re always able to use CSS to change colors around if you so desire. We’ve seen one or two use cases where someone has successfully changed the color – but it doesn’t usually work :).

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