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Another Quick Release: Titan 1.1

By Drew Strojny on March 14, 2009

After looking at the theme for a couple days there were a few design annoyances we wanted to clean up and a few features we wanted to add. We ended up changing the look slightly hence the version bump. Here is the run-down on version 1.1:

  • Changed the look of the top notice to improve visibility and cleanliness.
  • Tweaked dimensions and added more width to the content. It felt cramped.
  • Fixed the Flickr link issue and provided clear instructions in the options menu.
  • Added a toggle on/off option for the Twitter & Email links.

Download Titan 1.1

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  1. Herr Beleuchtung

    Wow, nice theme! Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

  2. yuriki

    Really good theme! 10x
    But I have one wish – very long titles of the articles on the main page look strange.

  3. Rick Rottman

    Wow! I absolutely love the theme. For a while now I’ve had an idea of what I wanted in a theme and before I found Titan, I had more or less given up on what I wanted. Titan has everything I was looking for in a theme.

  4. I♥IP

    Great theme! I instantly adopted it with some slight modifications, hope you don’t mind!

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