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Introducing Basis: Your new business theme

By Zack Tollman on November 12, 2013

We are extremely excited to announce Basis, the perfect theme for building your WordPress powered business website. We invite you to browse the Basis demo site and learn more about Basis.

Drag and drop layouts

We’ve worked extremely hard to make easy drag and drop layouts a reality. The all new page builder gives you the flexibility to build what you need, without worrying about how it looks. Each section fits together perfectly. Create compelling business pages, engaging personnel pages, and detailed about pages. These are just a few examples of what you can quickly assemble with the page builder.

Start the next big thing today

We are truly proud to release Basis. It is here to make your life easy and your website beautiful. Purchase Basis today and reimagine your website.


  1. Chris Mccoy

    oh snap, im gonna have to buy this one ;) any coupon code available for current customers? ive got 3 of your themes already ;)

  2. Drew Strojny

    Thanks Chris! Foundry customers get an automatic 25% discount. Just sign in and the discount will be automatically applied when you check out.

  3. Drew Strojny

    Looks great Mikael!

    Ryan: Yes. There are footer widgets available, we’re just not showing them on the demo site (we probably should).

  4. Greg Simas

    Hey guys,

    Is the blog apart of the page builder… I would like to add 3 or 4 posts under the feature pic and featured boxes to keep the homepage fresh with new content.

  5. Drew Strojny

    Hey Greg! The blog is separate from the page builder, but that’s a great idea. I’ll talk to the team about adding a feature like that.

  6. Greg Simas

    Let me know if you guys will decide to implement…thanks!

  7. Drew Strojny

    Sounds good Greg. I’ll make a note to email you if we do.

  8. Kate Spence

    Looks great, but does it support;
    – full image backgrounds
    – google font selection through an admin panel (as opposed to custom css)
    – wordpress galleries &/or gallery plugins


  9. Andras Guseo

    Looks beautiful! As always. :-)
    I’m already thinking where I could use it…
    Top work guys!

  10. Zack Tollman

    @Kate – Thanks!

    Full image backgrounds are supported by some of the section types (e.g., slideshow, banner). Additionally, the single post pages have really cool background images based on the feature image for the post. Finally, the theme supports custom backgrounds so you can add an image as a background, but we do not recommend using this unless it is only a subtle texture.

    Google fonts are not supported via an admin interface. You will need to use a CSS customization to change the fonts.

    WordPress galleries are fully supported, including Jetpack galleries. We have not tested the theme against other gallery plugins.

    @Andras – Thanks so much! We are excited to hear about how you use it.

  11. Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen

    Wow! Wonderful job. Just when you think WP themes are becoming boring, along comes Basis.

    I am so appreciative (and I hope my understanding is correct) that this works using standard page templates, and not custom post types. No “soft lock-in” and (in the unlikely event) an “easy” shift to another theme . I think this shows huge confidence in your product.

    One suggestion – a sidebar template with widgets would be useful in my case. Thanks for also including a LinkedIn icon for social footer, because my subscribers hang out there and not on dribble ;) I think I may have a project for which this theme could be a good fit.

  12. Drew Strojny

    Thanks Ebrahim!

    Yes, this works as a standard page template and everything is converted to HTML. So, in the case where you switch themes, there is no “soft lock-in” like you mentioned. Thanks again for the kind words and the support :-)

  13. Kristy Ewing

    This is a fantastic theme! In my opinion it includes new and beautiful design trends – like large images – while still being somewhat simple or minimalist, leaving room for designers to customize the look to suit specific projects. This is ingenious because other themes that are currently available kind of need to be undone before they can be uniquely tailored.

    The drag and drop layout is a bonus feature.

    It scales beautifully.

    You did it again!

  14. Zack Tollman

    Thanks so much Kristy! We appreciate the kind words.

  15. Dario Vignali


    so interested in buying your theme but I have one big question:

    It’s possibile to have multiple blog pages based on different categories?

    If yes, how does it appear?

    Thank you so much

  16. Drew Strojny

    Hi Dario,

    If I’m understanding your question correctly, yes you can have different archive views of blog categories like you would with a normal theme. You could then add these categories to your navigation menu if you like. Let us know if this helps!

  17. Dario Vignali

    You have perfectly centerd my question (Sorry For My bad engish).

    Last question and I will buy the theme :-)

    There is an easy way to enlarge the images in the news template?

    I notice that the template is wonderful on ipad and the images are bigger than in the computer browser’s wiew.

    I’m in interest if there is a easy way to show bigger featured image in the news area or in the posts of the news area.

    (I’m not good at coding ;-) )


    Thank u very much!

  18. Zack Tollman

    Hi Dario!

    The images in the blog listing could potentially have their size increased; however, this would require a theme customization. Currently, the images change dimension at different screen widths to adapt to different devices, hence the appearance of different sized images on the iPad.

  19. Zack Tollman

    Hi Ryan!

    We have not specifically tested the theme against the WooCommerce plugin. We code our themes according to WordPress’ best practices to improve plugin compatibility. I cannot say for sure how well it will work with WooCommerce.

  20. chris mccoy

    always been a fan of your themes, this was my 4th theme i bought, but i was kind of dissappointed, not saying the theme is not good, but i was hoping it was more like carrington from crowdfavourite how they have a content builder, that was the main reason i bought this was for the content builder.

  21. Drew Strojny

    Hey Chris!

    Sorry it took so long to get back you, I just saw your comment now. Bummed to hear that you’re feeling disappointed. I’m also really sorry we didn’t do a great job of clarifying what Basis could and couldn’t do.

    How can we make this right? We’re more than happy get you a refund or switch you into a different theme. What do you think?

  22. Chris Mccoy

    a refund would be nice, in no way im saying anything negative, i love all the themes i have bought, and i will buy again and again, it just wasnt what i was needing, im in no way disappointed with the theme or themefoundry, just wanted to make this clear for everyone seeing my comment, its great that you are willing to do a refund, i would ask for another theme, but as this time i do not need any of the themes you currently have, that being said, i will be buying again, always have great products. if you need any info from me let me know.

  23. Drew Strojny

    Sounds good Chris. We want you to be 100% happy with every purchase. I’ve refunded your order. Thanks again for your kind words and continued support!

  24. Stevie B

    Hi Guys;

    Have been doing my due diligence and I keep coming back to BASIS. Some questions:

    In the NEWS (blog) area, can I drive more than one featured blog post here? I saw above that you answered “different archive views of blog categories…to be added to navigation menu” – can these land on a NEWS page as a “gallery” of sorts or do they have to be listed in a buried archive somewhere?

    In your CAFE-PAGE, will the theme allow the images to be clickable and the H1 headline as well? I’m thinking to drive visitors to various single category pages with links in text to blog posts.

    In SERVICE TEMPLATE, can I use the widgets/content pods under the banner for driving visitors to gallery pages – again, clickable images and H2 headlines?

    In the LANDING PAGE from your top-tier navigation, it opens a new window. I assume this is not required – the landing page, as is, is beautifully considered and I would like to use this page format for multiple services or products. Can I use the landing page as a page format and add it to the navigation (like the blog posts)?

    If I asked any of these questions before, have pity on me. I have sourced a thousand responsive themes and admit I may be at the chasing-my-own-tail-stage.

    Again, kudos, to a marvelous theme. incorporating rock-solid ecommerce functionality would allow someone like me to offer a truly bold, contemporary responsive theme to people who only need to sell a few items or have ebooks and the like to offer.

    Thank you.

  25. Zack Tollman

    Hi Stevie!

    Great questions!

    In the NEWS (blog) area, can I drive more than one featured blog post here?

    Yep! Sticky posts power the “featured” posts. You can set as many of them as you want.

    can these land on a NEWS page as a “gallery” of sorts or do they have to be listed in a buried archive somewhere?

    I am not quite sure what you are asking. You can create a category that only contains galleries and link to that category’s archive from the menu.

    In your CAFE-PAGE, will the theme allow the images to be clickable and the H1 headline as well?

    Yes. Absolutely! We just did not add those links in for the demo site.

    In SERVICE TEMPLATE, can I use the widgets/content pods under the banner for driving visitors to gallery pages – again, clickable images and H2 headlines?

    Yes. Most certainly you can!

    Can I use the landing page as a page format and add it to the navigation (like the blog posts)?

    Yes. Just realize that the landing page does not have navigation. The intent of this page is to capture a visitor’s attention and drive the visitor to a call to action embedded in the page. For this use case, navigation is a distraction and we’ve purposefully removed it to increase the conversion rate.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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