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Introducing Foundry Pro

By Drew Strojny on April 10, 2012

Today we’re super excited to introduce Foundry Pro, a new subscription based pricing option. Foundry Pro gives you unlimited access to all our themes, tutorials, and support for a one year period. You’ll also get instant access to new theme releases and a cool Pro badge next to your name in our Help Center. We’re kicking it off with an introductory price of $125 per year. Introductory price is no longer available, now $249 per year.

How does it work?

After one year, your subscription will automatically renew. You’ll have the option to cancel the renewal from your account screen at any time (we’ll also send you a reminder five days prior to renewal). If your subscription expires without being renewed, you’ll no longer have access to the theme downloads, new releases, updates, support, and tutorials.

The 25% customer discount on individual theme purchases does not apply to Foundry Pro membership.

Can I still buy individual themes?

Yes! You may still buy individual themes and receive updates, tutorials, and support with those purchases. We’re just offering a new option for customers who are interested in access to the entire collection for a yearly price.

Go Pro!

Sign up for Foundry Pro today and start enjoying the benefits.

If you’re an existing customer that has purchased three or more themes from us in the past, drop us a line and we’ll give you a discount on your first year.


  1. Marcus Lauri


    Your announcement is a little vague (maybe because I’m not a native english speaker). Will support be granted only to people who subscribe to Foundry Pro (i.e. no access to the current support forums)? Will updates only be available to said persons (as opposed to the current procedure) ? A cool Pro badge wouldn’t be a great alternative if I may say so.

    As I said, your announcement is rather vague – thanks for shedding some light.

    Cheers, Marcus (and someone who is very happy with the Photography theme – great work on your side so far ;-) )

  2. Drew Strojny

    Hi Marcus,

    Sorry about the confusion! To be clear, nothing is changing for individual theme purchases. You’ll still get the existing support and updates for the theme you purchased. No change of service. This is just a new option for customers who might be interested in access to all themes (and all new themes) for a yearly price. I’ve updated the post, hopefully it’s more clear now.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Photography, thanks for letting us know :)

  3. Kristy Ewing

    Hey Drew,

    So if we didn’t renew the Pro subscription after one year how would that be handled with respect to themes already in use?


  4. Drew Strojny

    Hi Ed!

    If the membership expires, you’re still able to use the themes if you like, you just won’t have access theme updates, new themes, support, tutorials, downloads, etc.

  5. Marcus Lauri

    Hi Drew,

    great, thanks for the clarification :-)

    Cheers, Marcus

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