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Introducing Photography

By Drew Strojny on August 10, 2010

Photography WordPress Theme

Today I am excited to introduce our new theme, Photography! This is the first niche theme we have developed here at The Theme Foundry and I am extremely happy with how it turned out. This theme is geared towards professional photographers. The goal was to make it super easy for anyone to quickly setup a beautiful WordPress powered website, complete with a blog and a gallery/portfolio.

I encourage you to check out the theme page for more details and the demo site for a live preview. Some of the many features include seamless Flickr integration, custom galleries, gallery sorting, gallery options, and much more. Also be sure to check out this quick video feature tour.


  1. Jon

    I was just about to start on a photo gallery website for a photographer friend of mine. This would have involved searching the interwebs until I found a theme that functioned pretty well, then restyling the crap out of it. Now I can hook my bud up with all the extra features you’ve built in (password protected galleries!), and your design is so close to what I was going to do, it’s only going to take me 15 minutes to restyle.

    Basically, you’ve saved me a lot of time. Thanks!

  2. Horizen

    I Lost. I needed this theme a week ago, now instead I have a competitors theme which is useless!

    Your theme looks great Drew – well done!

  3. Drew Strojny

    Jon: Awesome! Glad to hear it :)

    Horizen: Sorry to hear it. We would love to have you as a member if you decide to make the switch :)

  4. Greg Boyer

    Great theme. Just downloaded and will start the process of setting it up. I look forward to getting away from Flash. Have had tooooooo many problems with it. I would also like to complement you and your staff on really maintaining a first rate business. I wish everybody that I dealt with were this good.

    Best Regards,

  5. Tom

    After a long medical absence I’ve been looking for just the right theme. This could be it!! However, all I see is Landscape images. Any issues with Portrait???? Perhaps you could throw one in on your demo page?
    Thanks tons, if it looks good, I’m a member!

  6. Henry Barth

    I really like this template, especially after watching the video.

    Can this template be adopted to a non-WP website? How difficult would that be?


  7. Drew Strojny

    Hi Henry!

    It very well could be if you had the technical know-how to take it apart and build it again :) We may end up offering it on other platforms down the road. What platform were you interested in?

  8. Henry Barth

    Thanks. Drew

    Just plain old HTML — HTML5 if you are really ambitious.

  9. Kevster

    Can video be uploaded to photography?
    I would like to post behind-the-scenes video of photo shoots.

  10. Sam

    Hi Drew,

    This is an awesome theme and looks like just the one I had been looking for to use for my photography website that I am building. I looked through the features list and I had a question:

    Does this theme support addition of ‘Comments’ section on the gallery page (for each gallery)? This was not in the demo and I could not find any reference in the features list as well.

    Please let me know.

    Many thanks,

  11. Drew Strojny

    Hi Sam!

    Glad to hear you like Photography. It does not support comments “out of the box” but the theme can be modified to use them. It has been asked and answered in our support forums. Hope this helps!

  12. Drew Strojny

    Hi Kev!

    Photography does not support video out of the box, but I am sure it could be customized to use video by a WordPress developer :)

    Hope this helps!

  13. Kenneth Pagliughi


    I’m a big fan of your theme’s (right now I’m using titan for my main site) and I found this one and it looks awesome! I’m about to pull the trigger on buying this but I have 2 questions first.

    1. Is there anyway to easily integrate an option for users to buy the photo that is being displayed?

    2. Has there be a plugin of some sort that allows 1080P video to be uploaded?


  14. Drew Strojny

    Hi Kenneth,

    1. Yes, we have an easy way to incorporate a third-party checkout system with Photography.
    2. Not that I’m aware of.
  15. Rob

    Hi Guys

    I would love to use “Photography” theme but do you think it will be provided with video compatibility soon ?


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