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Introducing Snap

By Zack Tollman on May 7, 2013

Screenshot of Snap on some different devices

We are proud and excited to announce our latest theme, Snap. Snap is a responsive, lightweight, and minimalist theme that makes it easy to feature your projects on your WordPress website. Snap’s clean grid based blog layout and configurable page templates also make it incredibly flexible. We invite you to view our demo site, learn more about the theme, or purchase Snap today.

Feature your latest work on the homepage

Screenshot of homepage

Snap’s homepage template highlights your best work and gives your readers a quick snapshot of you or your business. You can show a featured slider or a static image along with a grid of your recent posts or projects.

Curate a portfolio page (or two or three)

Screenshot of portfolio

Snap gives you the flexibility to showcase your work in a variety of formats and configurations. Create multiple portfolio pages, and mix and match projects. Then, manage it all from a clean and simple drag and drop interface on the edit post screen.

Profile the artisan

Screenshot of profile

In addition to showcasing your work, Snap is ready to showcase you! The profile page template features a section for your portrait image and a short description. You can use the rest of the page to talk about your business and tell your story. The template can even be re-used to feature multiple authors on the same website.

Blog in style

Screenshot of blog grid

While Snap does emphasize your projects, it certainly hasn’t forgotten about your words. Snap’s grid based blog layout is clean, structured, and easy to browse. Additionally, Snap supports Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll right out of the box.

Under the hood

Snap is isn’t just beautiful on the surface. We believe the parts you don’t see are just as important as the parts you do. We’ve meticulously and carefully coded Snap using the latest WordPress standards and best practices. It’s ready for WordPress 3.4, 3.5, and even the upcoming 3.6 release. We also took special care to make sure Snap was speedy across different browsers and devices. We’ve even included some handy filters to make it easier for seasoned WordPress developers to work with Snap.

A theme that helps

We know setting up a new theme can be a hassle. Snap helps you get it right. If Snap detects content that isn’t optimal, it will let you know about it! For example, if you try to post a featured image that doesn’t meet the optimal width requirement, you’ll see an alert on the page letting you know about it. Your readers will still see the original content and never know the difference.

Get it today

We are very proud to release Snap and hope you love it as much as we do! Head over to the Snap theme page to learn more and purchase your copy today.


  1. Dominik Thali

    Hello, nice new theme you’ve created. Maybe I’ll change back to themefoundry. Is it possible to set captions to all pictures too?
    Second: The demo-site works very slowly on my PC here at home. I’ve noticed the pictures you use are very large – I think this would not be necessary?
    Thanks, Dominik

  2. Zack Tollman

    Hi Dominik!

    Thanks for the compliment! You can set captions on pictures. The captions only show on the individual pages.

    With our demo sites, we tend to go really heavy on the images. You absolutely do not need to add images like we did. You can have more text and less images. Obviously, the more images that you use, the greater the load time.

    Let us know if you have any more questions!

  3. Michael

    Hi Zack,

    I would love to purchase your theme (the version), EXCEPT that I think you’ve got the images on the front page turned around. The big picture should link to a project imho, and the four smaller pictures with excerpts to latest or featured blog posts. (Right now it’s the other way around, the big one links to a blog post and the four smaller ones to projects). Any chance this can be changed? Or added by adding an alternate homepage or something?



  4. Zack Tollman

    Hi Michael!

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Looking at it again, I definitely see the confusion; however, you can do exactly what you want. The items in the featured slider can be posts of portfolio items. For our demo, it is currently a post and I see the confusion with the “View Project” label (just as a sidenote, this label is changeable via an option).

    With Snap, you have the ability to add whichever posts you want to the featured area. Additionally, in the lower right hand corner, you can add whichever posts you want. You have the opportunity to configure the page how you want.

    So, if I understand your question correctly, you can already do exactly what you are asking for!

    Let us know if you have any other questions.



  5. Ed

    I’m looking for a portfolio site for a site and was on the cusp of trying out “Portfolio” but then saw “Snap” and something just seemed to click better with it design-wise. Can you tell me if there are any more image gallery types you can use with it than just the vertically scrolling “post” one seen on all the galleries under the Portfolio header? I ask because “Portfolio has two options it seems, vertical scrolling and a clickable gallery. I’d love to see a theme with even more multiple different gallery types inc. left/right clickable gallery with or without thumbnails, horizontally and/or vertical scrolling galleries with option to have padding or not between photos, a grid type gallery, and more.

  6. Zack Tollman

    Hi Ed!

    Thanks for the feedback!

    On, I would highly recommend using the tiled galleries with Snap. In testing, they looked really sharp with Snap, especially because it matches Snap’s rigid grid used throughout the site.

    You can also use the carousel slider; however, it does not look particularly great with Snap.

    We will think about adding more galleries to the theme! Thanks!

  7. Sam - Wedding Photographer

    this one looks like a really nice and simple one. not sure if you are able to feature more widescreen photos and no text on the front page, suitable for wedding photographers with wedding compositions.

  8. Zack Tollman

    Hi Sam!

    You *could* do this, but it would require a customization. You would need to modify the content in the Posts Area (the lower right hand part of the page) and then hide the content for the page. So, it is possible, but would take a little work.

    I really like the idea!

  9. Yannis


    Is it possible to configure the template so we can have 3 collumns and no sidebar information?

  10. Drew Strojny

    Hi Yannis!

    There isn’t a way to configure the theme as three column by default. This would require some more advanced customization on your part.

  11. Yannis

    Hi Drew,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Advanced customization meaning configuring the theme menus or programming php?

  12. Drew Strojny

    Hi Yannis,

    Good question. It would require custom PHP and CSS. Definitely not point and click.

  13. Jimbo

    So when I upload an image for background, it either doesnt show up at all, or shows up as a small image either to the left or right (depending on which button Ive selected) and the center button makes the image disappear.
    Is the white background on Snap something thats not changeable to a background image?

  14. Drew Strojny

    Hi Jimbo!

    Good question. You’re correct, the background behind the content is not changeable without CSS. The background color or image only changes the area behind and around the main content area. If you want your background image to show up larger you could tile it or use a larger image.

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