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Make and Make Plus 1.9.1

By Tom Stark on August 18, 2017

We’re releasing 1.9.1 today! This patch release squashes a handful of small bugs that our makers have reported since updating to 1.9.


  • Added compatibility check and a notice about updating Make Plus when using a version older than 1.9.
  • Fixed issue with carriage returns in content editor’s Text mode.
  • Fixed ‘Configure column’ drop-down display issue, visible when multiple rows were used.
  • Fixed bug with content background color not resetting to default when no color was set.

Make Plus

  • Added notice about compatibility issue when Make is older than 1.9.


  1. Rachel McCrafty

    I love the Make theme and the layout engine is not overly complicated and nested. Great for my team. With the new update though we are getting buggy on page errors. H1 and H2 text seem to automatically duplicate themselves. Banner and text sections are doing the same. It has made editing pages very unpredictable on

  2. Scott Rollo

    Hey there, Rachel ?

    Sorry to hear about that! Are you using Make Plus at all? Is that updated? Would you mind emailing and we’ll be sure to help you get that issue sorted out!

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