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Oxford & Typekit

By Drew Strojny on February 26, 2014


Today is a big day here at The Theme Foundry. We’re releasing a stunning new magazine theme called Oxford, and announcing an exciting new partnership with Typekit, the leader in commercial grade web fonts.

Oxford comes with two professional Typekit fonts built right in: Soleil and Futura PT. These fonts pair together perfectly, making Oxford a great fit for anyone who needs a professional look for their blog. We encourage you to visit the live demo of Oxford to see it in action and visit the Oxford theme page to learn more about some of the features.

Typekit fonts built right in

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing our customers with the absolute best in design. When you buy one of our themes, we want your website to look amazing. Typography plays a big part in any website’s design, and up until now, our only real option was Google Fonts. We wanted to take things to the next level with professional grade typography, so we set out to find a way to make Typekit fonts a reality.

The easy way would be to require customers to purchase a Typekit subscription to get the most out of their theme. This didn’t seem fair. Who wants to buy a product that requires another paid product? We needed a different approach. The answer was providing the Typekit font service to our customers within the theme itself.

We’ve worked closely with Typekit over the past few months to come up with a real solution for including these fonts in our themes. We couldn’t be happier with the result. As a customer, you simply activate your new theme, and then authorize it using your Theme Foundry username and password. Your Typekit web fonts are automatically turned on, and we handle all the hard stuff. If you want to use your own Typekit account, we’ve made it fast and easy to do that as well.

Pricing: Adding more value

Our standard theme price hasn’t changed. Oxford still costs $79. Included in that price is one year of professional Typekit fonts, forum support, and regular theme updates. This bundle of Theme Foundry services renews at $39 per year. We want you to feel like you’re getting real value from any ongoing costs associated with your theme. A personal Typekit account alone costs $25 per year. Combine that with support and regular updates and we truly feel this bundle delivers real value.

Will Typekit be included in any other themes?

This is just the start. Over the coming weeks, we plan to roll out Typekit fonts across the board, raising the design quality of our entire theme collection. When you purchase a Theme Foundry theme, you’ll know you’re getting the absolute best available in design and typography.

Update: After some consideration, we’ve decided to wait before we roll Typekit support out across the theme collection. If you have an opinion, be sure to share it in the comments.


  1. eiffair

    Great news for the Oxford theme and the including of Typekit in existing themes.
    But does it mean that old themes are also going to have annual renewal costs ?

  2. Drew Strojny

    Hey Eiffair!

    Good question. When we update existing themes to use Typekit fonts they will have annual renewal costs. But, if you already own an existing theme and don’t care about getting Typekit, you can keep that theme and get support without any renewal costs.

  3. eiffair

    Thank you Drew for your answer.
    If I’m right I understand that updates to existing themes will be available only to customers who have the latest version, that is to say with the Typekit version, that is to say with annual renewal costs. Or will we have the choice between a version with or without Typekit, both with their own regularly updates?

  4. Drew Strojny

    You’re right. We’ll be focusing our efforts on the newer Typekit version of the theme, but we will keep the old version up to date if anything critical or important comes up. We won’t just abandon it.

  5. jeff

    Wonderful new theme!

    Will Oxford eventually make it to

  6. Travis

    Drew, are there pageview restrictions in place for the Typekit fonts included with this model?

  7. Drew Strojny

    Hey Travis!

    Yes, there are pageview restrictions. You can see the details in our Terms of Service. 50,000 pageviews / month for single theme purchases and 150,000 pageviews per month for Foundry Pro customers. You can also use your own Typekit account if you don’t want to use the service or have a really big site.

  8. Drew Strojny

    Hey Jeff!

    We definitely want to bring Oxford to It may involve some technical challenges, but we hope to have it for sale there at some point.

  9. Marvin Kleinemeier

    What if I have an own Typekit Account and don’t need to pay the 39 Dollars a year. Won’t I get updates and support then?

  10. Drew Strojny

    Hey Marvin,

    In this situation you definitely can use your own Typekit account with the theme, but the support and updates would cost $39 / year. If you don’t feel like you need support or updates, you could just use the theme without the yearly fee.

  11. Marvin Kleinemeier

    But the updates throughout the fist year would be included?

    I am a little shocked right now, to be honest. It’s clear that you need to figure out new models to generate a regular income for you. Your themes are so good, that for most people buying one and never buying anything again for you might be the case. But still… I have to pay for support? I don’t think that that is the right way for you to go!

    I love the new theme. Like almost all of your themes. And have a look at my buying history… I already bought six of your themes, Oxford would be the 7th and I won’t get support anymore if I don`t pay a fee? I don`t know.

    Take this as constructive criticism please, I still love your work here!

  12. Marvin Kleinemeier

    A fee might be okay, but you should figure out a second model for people who have Typekit Accounts. Like 19 Dollars or something. But half the price of the whole theme? That means after two years I will have bought the theme twice. Are your updates going to double the worth of the them within two years?

    I bought my Typekit account for using it with some of your themes. And only for that. Now I will have to pay double for it, since my typekit account has been renewed for one year this month…

  13. Drew Strojny

    Hey Marvin,

    First, thanks for being such a great supporter of our work over the years, we really really appreciate it. It means the world to us. You bring up some great points, and it’s something we’ve discussed quite a bit internally. I appreciate you letting us know.

    First, yes, the updates and support for the first year would be included for free.

    Support and updates represent an ongoing cost to us a business. So, if we offer them for free, the quality of those services will continue to decline over time. We won’t have much incentive to spend time on them. With this model, we have more incentive to continue to offer top notch customer support and provide regular updates to the theme.

    If I were you, I would probably buy the theme, use your own Typekit account, and decline to renew the support and updates after a year if you don’t need them. The updates probably won’t be as frequent at that point, and if you aren’t using Typekit or support, then it wouldn’t be worth it for you.

    Either way, we do really appreciate you as customer, and I hope you can understand where we are coming from.

  14. Dario Vignali

    Hi guys,

    I’m thinking about buying the theme.

    Only one question. I have seen that full width image are only in the head of posts as featured images… there is some way to insert a full width image (I mean big as the two text column) in the body of the posts?

  15. zakoops

    Let’s say I buy the Oxford theme, getting that one-year support.

    At the end of that year, I’m not inclined to renew with you people, nor to get a plan with Typekit. Instead, I modify the theme so that Google or native fonts are used.

    Would like to know if modifying the theme that way would contravene the license I got with you, one year earlier? Just thinking…

    Quite a nice theme BTW…!

  16. Drew Strojny

    Thanks zakoops!

    You’re completely OK doing what you proposed. You can change the theme however you want, use Google Fonts, etc. You’re under no obligation to renew with us and we don’t put any restrictions on modifying the theme.

  17. Greg

    How does Oxford play with WordPress Galleries, ie Jetpack Galleries functionality? I didn’t see an example or I must have missed it.
    Thanks, Greg

  18. Corey McKrill

    Hi Greg!

    All four of Jetpack’s gallery options (tiled, squares, circles, slideshow) work in Oxford. Is this what you’re referring to?

  19. Greg

    @Corey Yeah. I would like to see a preview post to see what it looks like. Is this possible? Also, is there any example of seeing the widgetized footer in action? Thanks – Greg

  20. Kenny Harrison

    Oxford is a stunner. I’ve been waiting for a theme with this much expression and personality. My credit card is following me around the house. Soon, very soon I will indulge in yet another fantastic theme from TTF.

  21. Ömer

    It is really beatiful theme. It is so clean and gorgeous. That is exactly what I’m looking for. I hope you’ll bring it to soon. You are amazing guys…

  22. Drew Strojny

    Thanks so much Ömer! We’re going to try to get it up on as soon as we can. There will be some challenges with Typekit, but we’ll do our best to make it happen :)

  23. Kenny Harrison

    Well, Drew, I migrated to Oxford. I have to say it’s the best theme for me from your impressive lineup, and I’ve bought most of them since you entered this market. I’m really impressed with Oxford; it has class and flexibility. The code is clean and easy to read and navigate. I like to commend your support staff for being there for me. They’re all terrific folk to work with. Thanks, Drew.

  24. Michael Wilson

    There’s plenty of theme choices out there – happy to find one adopting premium font integrations – those who can’t bare the extra cost, get another theme. This being said its heartbreaking that this theme enforces a a single choice of font, even for Typekit members – Lotta hacking about to do something that should be simple. Eg authorize with own Typekit credentials and be able to plop in your available choices.

  25. Drew Strojny

    Hey Michael!

    Thanks for stopping by. We agonized over the font decision and decided that the theme really looked best with this one font. I completely see where you are coming from though, and it’s something we have discussed and will continue to discuss internally. Either way, we really appreciate the feedback.

  26. Wendell Fernandes

    I’m a fan. But can you make more modern – updated Photography Themes? I have made a design update on my own site that I wish it was bolder. My site is: and I wanted something bolder that people can see the images and wow them.

    Here is what I was thinking:

    Could I request any of you guys to customize my theme to something like my design? I would love to offer people a perception of high end photography, which is my audience and the Snap theme lacks that boldness – I love the airiness of it though.

    Let me know!

  27. Nazirah Ashari

    Was browsing for a new theme for my site and came across Oxford and now I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s just the perfect theme for this new plan I’m going to execute for my blog. The only problem? I gotta wait. USD79 is a lot of money after conversion to MYR. I’m saving half this month and another half next month. You’ll be mine really soon Oxford. :)

  28. Zack Tollman

    @Wendell – It sounds like you have high ambitions for your site. Kudos to you for setting high standards. We do not do custom design work. We recommend getting in touch with WerkPress for customization needs.

    @Nazirah – Thanks for being so committed to the theme! We are excited for you to get the theme and we hope that you enjoy it.

  29. jeff

    Is there an ETA for a version? Thanks!

    New Theme is terrific.

  30. Zack Tollman

    Hi Jeff!

    Unfortunately, no. We have to go through an approval process on When we have a very different and new feature like Typekit integration, this process is even more complex. We are really excited and motivated to launch the theme over there and we will be sure to announce it when it is ready.

    Thanks for your interest!

  31. Tobias

    Oxford is a really unique theme, well done!
    Before I might purchase Oxford, I do have some questions.

    Is it possible to include after each article some content like related articles, sharing options or an author box?

    Can I include a graphical logo, instead of the text version?

    Do you have a demo of the one column article view?

    Many thanks.
    Regards Tobias

  32. Drew Strojny

    Hey Tobias!

    Thanks for getting in touch. Some answers:

    1. Yes, you could add some content after each article using a plugin. It’s not built into the theme.
    2. Yes, you can upload your own logo.
    3. This our editors demo page will give you an idea of what it will look like.

    Hope this helps :-)

  33. zakoops

    I do love that theme but for longform writing I apprehend a problem.

    I understand that text overflow goes from column 1 to column 2. That’s OK.

    But imagine that column 1 goes for, let’s say, 4 or 5 page length. At the end of column 1, reader must then scroll up the page for, well, the 4-5 page length, to continue reading. This could be annoying.

    My question then is could we easily break that 4-5 page length with an horizontal line, an image and/or a quote, so that the reader could remain on the same screen (more or less), before scrolling down for further text?

    I suspect that I can establish a one column template but I do like that 2 column feel…

    Obviously, this topic concerns the desktop version only as for smartphones, both columns are merged into a unique column.

    Thanks for any insight!

  34. Scott Rollo

    Hello zakoops :)

    Good question! This is exactly how columns in Oxford work. Here’s an example where the post content flows to the right column before the blockquote element spans full width.

  35. zakoops


    Ah, I see…!

    After some investigation, I discovered it works perfectly on Chrome [ version 35.0.1916.114 ] and Safari [ version 7.0.4 (9537.76.4) ]. But not on Firefox [ version 29.0.1 ] where the blockquote is stuck in first column only —the browser I was using to study the Oxford theme. I’m on Mavericks, version 10.9.3.

    So while I’m glad that the theme already takes care for situations of longform posts, it feels like it is misbehaved under the last version of Firefox (under OS X).

    Hope this information will help strengthening this creative and original design!

  36. Archie

    Let’s say I’ll buy this very nice theme. After one year I decide not to pay a single penny.

    I get the support part (even though after a year of tuning and customising I don’t think there’s much that could go awry), but what about the Typekit?

    What will happen to my site (running this theme) in this type of scenario?

  37. Drew Strojny

    Hey Archie!

    Good question. If you don’t renew, you won’t have access to the Typekit fonts included with the theme. At that point you could:

    1. 1. Use your own Typekit account. You can set this from the Theme Customizer.
    2. 2. Use the free fallback fonts, which will automatically be used when Typekit has expired

    Hope this helps clarify things.

  38. Maria


    I am thinking of purchasing the Oxford Theme – hope this is the right place to ask my question.

    I am starting a personal blog, and therefore I would like the posts to be displayed in full lenght on the main page (one after another in full lenght and not in sections as shown in the demo).

    However I would still like the option to chose between one or two columns for the text and/or pictures to make the blog more dynamic.
    Would this be possible? And if yes how does it work with comments – you would have to click on the post and enter a seperat page to view/write comments right?

    Thank you in advance :)

  39. Scott Rollo

    Hello Maria!

    You cannot display full-length blog posts on your Posts Page, unfortunately. Instead, our Duet or Anthem themes may better fit your needs.

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