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Paperpunch 2.1 released

by Drew Strojny on November 5, 2010 / Comments are closed

Paperpunch 2.1 has been released. Cruise on over to the downloads page and grab your copy. Be sure to read the upgrade instructions first.

Paperpunch 2.1 Changelog

  • New PRO Feature: HTML5 support!
  • Speed Improvement: Consolidated an extra functions file to improve theme load time.
  • Speed Improvement: Removed an extra function from the comments template (now in WP core).
  • Enhancement: Add automatic feed links function.
  • Bug Fix: Removed deprecated escape attribute from search query.
  • Bug Fix:Fix duplicate search title in sidebar search widget.
  • Miscellaneous: Cleaned up the master stylesheet and added a table of contents.
  • Miscellaneous: Organized functions.php file and added a table of contents.