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Updates: January 2011

By Drew Strojny on January 13, 2011

Today we released some exciting new updates for all of our themes. Head over to the downloads page to grab the new theme packages. Be sure to read the upgrade instructions and the update notes below!

Focused on improving our themes

Routinely improving and updating our themes is very important to us. This doesn’t mean just keeping up with WordPress standards, but also adding new features and improvements from time to time. For example, Vigilance now features a drop down navigation menu and Traction includes a full-width page template. We also hired WordPress expert and core contributor Austin Matzko (aka filosofo) to help us with this recent update. Austin did an awesome job of auditing, refactoring, and streamlining a ton of theme code.

Update Notes

  • The old navigation menu controls in your Theme Options page have been removed (found in Vigilance, Titan, Paperpunch, and Traction). If you were using them, please setup and use the new WordPress 3.0 menus. The new built-in WordPress menus have all the functionality of the old menus and then some. Be sure to take note of your menu setup before you upgrade. Setup your new menus by navigating to Appearance → Menus.

  • All stylesheets and scripts are now enqueued from the themename-extend.php file. If you previously made changes to your header.php file and duplicated it to your child theme please be aware the stylesheet and javascript calls are no longer in the header.php file.


We packed a ton of new stuff into this release, below is a quick overview of some of the important changes.

  • All themes – Code: Improved and streamlined PHP logic on image rotation scripts.
  • All themes – Code: Converted to the new WordPress comment_form function.
  • All themes – Code: Updated several function calls to use WordPress 3.0+ standards.
  • All themes – Code: Removed support for old navigation menus. All themes now require WordPress 3.0+.
  • All themes – Code: Moved all theme functions into the core method for easy child theme overrides.
  • All themes – Code: Properly enqueued all stylesheets and scripts for better compatibility.
  • All themes – Security: Added anti-XSS measures in several spots where theme data is saved.
  • All themes – Security: Added espaces to several attribute values.
  • All themes – Localization: Improved localization coverage and string formatting across all themes.
  • Paperpunch – Bugfix: Clear float on navigation.
  • Photography – New feature: Choose a photo size (medium or large) for your Flickr galleries.
  • Photography – Enhancement: Added a spinner for the light color scheme.
  • Photography – Bugfix: Fixed Flickr reset issue.
  • Photography – Bugfix: Added styling for .aligncenter on entries.
  • Photography – Bugfix: Fixed thumbnail hovers in IE.
  • Shelf for Tumblr – Bugfix: Don’t show date separator if there are no tags.
  • Titan – New feature: Footer has been fully “widgetized”.
  • Titan – New feature: HTML5.
  • Titan – Enhancement: Cleanup stylesheet and add table of contents.
  • Traction – New feature: Full-width page template for all three color schemes.
  • Traction – Speed Enhancement: Switched to sprites on background images to save HTTP requests.
  • Traction – Enhancement: Added support for wp_link_pages.
  • Traction – Bugfix: Fix featured container height with only one featured post.
  • Vigilance – New feature: Drop down navigation menus.
  • Vigilance – Enhancement: Add automatic feed link support.
  • Vigilance – Enhancement: Stylesheet cleanup.

Note: Shelf will be updated again soon with bugfixes and support for the new WordPress 3.1 post formats.


  1. Mike

    Hi guys,

    I really like your paperpunch theme. However, I’m using tumblr instead of wordpress and I was wondering if there is any chance that you will port the theme to tumblr?

    Cheers, Mike

  2. Drew Strojny

    Hi Mike!

    We currently don’t have any plans to port Paperpunch to Tumblr, but we definitely appreciate the feedback.

  3. Justin

    Vigilance user here,

    Any word on Vig for mobile?

    Also, a facebook icon/option for Vigilance would be awesome. Either that or a quick way to add once similar to the new Linen would be much appreciated.



  4. Drew Strojny

    Hi Justin!

    We do plan to add mobile support for our themes through @media queries. No timetable yet. I will take a look at adding a Facebook icon to Vigilance, but no promises. Right now there isn’t any room in the sidebar feed box :)

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