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Theme Updates: November 2011

By Andy Adams on November 8, 2011

We’ve released a round of updates to all of our themes! Head over to the downloads page to grab the new theme packages. Be sure to read the upgrade instructions before you upgrade.

On most themes we’ve added a bit of styling to fix an issue with image stretching in older versions of Internet Explorer – not exactly groundbreaking, but hopefully your sites will look a little nicer in old browsers! A few of our themes also got some small stylistic updates to tables and definition lists.

There are a few minor bug fixes for Shelf and we also fixed comment anchors so “Leave a comment” links throughout your site will correctly bring you to the comments form.

React got a couple of big feature additions:

  • A page template with the sidebar
  • The ability to add multiple Project/Portfolio pages with the projects of your choosing

Information on setting up multiple Project pages is in your theme documentation.

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Photography also got some nice additions:

  • A theme option for adding captions in two different styles
  • The ability to create multiple Gallery showcase pages featuring whichever galleries you want
  • Keyboard navigation on individual galleries

Information on setting up captions and multiple Gallery pages is also in your theme documentation.

We’ve gotten a number of requests for the React and Photography features, so we hope you’re as excited as we are!

Check the change log for your theme to see the changes in the update.

If you run into any issues please post in our forums and we’ll be happy to help!