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Theme updates: September 2011

By Andy Adams on September 6, 2011

Today we’ve released another round of updates to all of our themes! Head over to the downloads page to grab the new theme packages. Be sure to read the upgrade instructions before you upgrade.

We’ve added an attachment template for viewing media items associated with a post.

Another new feature: Linen now has support for excerpts! If you specify an excerpt it will be used as the summary of your post.

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We’ve also made modifications to the featured slider for both Linen and Traction – you no longer need to have 2 sticky posts to activate the slider – 1 will work just fine! We’ve also added the option to display sticky posts both in the featured slider and in the standard post list – something we’ve gotten several requests for.

In addition, there are several bug fixes applied to all of our themes. Check the change log for your theme to see the changes in the update.

If you run into any trouble please post in our forums and we’ll help you out!


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