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Vigilance 1.21 released featuring a new blockquote and theme option!

By Drew Strojny on January 5, 2009

Vigilance 1.21 is now official. Head over to the download page to grab a copy. Take a look at the improvements:

  • Fixed broken layout when login is required to make comments
  • Added a new theme option to exclude header navigation items by page ID (thanks Jason!)
  • Search box added when search returns no results
  • Fixed font sizing on child pages in the sidebar
  • Restyled the original blockquote and changed the old style to .float-quote

Check out the new and improved super-duper blockquote! Clean, professional, and eye-catching. You can still use the old style, check the updated tutorials page for specific instructions.


  1. Eric Portelance

    Suggestion for an upcoming release — If you have no text in the updates section (above subscribe to RSS or e-mail alerts), the spacing seems too high. The theme should reduce the spacing between those links and the box title if there is no text.

  2. Ted Carnahan

    I just started using and customizing Vigilance, and I love it. Do you have a place where bugs are being tracked so that people who want to contribute patches can know what needs work?

  3. Patrick DeVivo

    Hey Drew,
    May I suggest opening up a support forum for this wonderful theme?

    I think that might make support easier for you and for people looking to post general questions.

    I’m currently using your theme on my site @

  4. Drew Strojny


    Funny you should say that, I am actually working on it right now :)

    Expect to see one soon. I will post here on the blog when everything is ready to go.

  5. Rob Altomonte

    This is a brief testimonial on Drew’s consulting work and the Vigilance WordPress theme. Both are A+, 5 stars (5 cannolis in my book). I just started my own blog and needed him for a few hours of consulting work and he was extremely articulate, down to earth and knowledgeable about all facets of design, HTML, CSS/PHP and blog marketing/philosophy. Vigilance is the best WordPress theme out there and I love its customization options and clean look. I highly recommend not only his theme but his consulting services too! Thanks Drew!
    Rob Altomonte

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