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Vigilance 1.22 and PRO Membership

By Drew Strojny on February 10, 2009

We have some exciting news to announce. Vigilance 1.22 has been released and we are now offering a PRO Membership with the following benefits:

  • Members only forum
  • Unlimited theme support
  • Priority upgrades
  • Comprehensive theme tutorials
  • Killer customization tips
  • Logo Pack: Your logo in the header!

PRO Memberships are being offered at an introductory price of $39 and to kick it off we are offering a 50% discount coupon to the first 50 members to sign up! That’s just $19.50!

Sign-up now with the coupon code 6CA27 to receive your discount. Sold Out.

Why PRO Membership?

We felt it was time to start offering “real” support and premium upgrades to Vigilance users that need help and/or want power features. Vigilance has been supported in the comments until now, but as the users grew a more robust solution became necessary. That put us in a predicament, we didn’t have time for a more robust “free” solution, and if we were going to support Vigilance, we wanted to do it right.

We also realized support can be a big problem when choosing an open source theme. You always wonder: Will the developer be around to help if something goes wrong or if I have questions? Most users feel comfortable downloading a theme if they know they will have someone to turn to when they have a problem or just need some help. PRO membership gives users that “safety net” and allows us to offer robust support and premium upgrades to those users that want it.

Just the Beginning

We will continue to add PRO Membership benefits as time goes on. We are planning to release more free themes, including one very soon. PRO Members will receive support for all current and future Jestro Themes as part of their membership. Consider your PRO membership an investment that will grow as we release more themes, features, and benefits.


If you have any thoughts about this exciting news feel free to leave a comment. We would love to hear your feedback.

Update: Vigilance 1.22 Features

Forgot to include the new Vigilance 1.22 features in the original post. Here they are:

  • Cleaned up the Theme Options menu and added a PRO member option for a logo in the header.
  • Tweaked the copyright notice in the head meta to say “Theme Design Copyright” instead of “Copyright”

We will be releasing a new version with more bug fixes and some more PRO features soon!


  1. Tom B.

    Good luck with it. It is a good theme, but right now I do not have the $20 to spend. I do have a question, what changes were made in version 1.22?

  2. Ivan

    Hi Drew. Very good theme, I also am sure it will have good support. I may be the said $20 :)

    I only am curious why it doesn’t read paginated posts (like some other skins) after other ones do that – show the numbers, they are clicable and you can swithch to the next page? Vigilance doesn’t accept that after it’s made in the TinyMCE text area.

    Also, will Vigilance have a multimedia plugin, a hook plugin, formatting options for the post/page types? I don’t know how engineered exactly, but said in general lines.

    Anyway, I thing that Vigilance could have a long future. Congratulations for the good work.

  3. Jeronimo

    I’ve just started using your theme, and so far I have been very impressed. While the PRO version sounds great, what are the future plans for the free version? Will it be left by the wayside and just the PRO version be developed in future? Best of luck with the PRO version. :)

  4. Drew Strojny

    You bring up a good point, and this is probably worth elaborating in a separate post, but I will give you the short version here.

    Referring to a “free version” and “PRO version” is misleading, there is only one version of Vigilance, and it is and always will be free. PRO members and regular users both download the theme from the same location. The only difference being PRO members get access to the support forums where they get unlimited theme support, tutorials, add-ons, and other cool stuff.

  5. Drew Strojny

    There is nothing wrong with reporting bugs in the comments. We will look into the reported bug and publish the comment if it is in fact a bug.

    On that note, your comment from yesterday is in fact a bug. The link hover color is not working. Expect it to be fixed in the next release.

  6. Drew Strojny

    The tutorials page has been moved and is now only available to PRO members.

    The link hover color is in fact not working. A fix will be included in the next release.

  7. Drew Strojny

    Not sure what you mean by “read paginated posts”, are you referring to compatibility with a specific pagination plugin?

    It does have formatting options and different areas where you can input custom code. It is open source so you are free to take the code and build any kinds of plugins you want.

  8. Jason Costomiris

    Thanks for the updates Drew..

    I noticed a small cosmetic bug – check out line 294 of functions/vigilance-admin.php.

    The quotations marks are escaped, and shouldn’t be.. Otherwise, the link looks like\http://www……….. Getting rid of the backslashes on that line fixes it right up..

  9. Drew Strojny


    Thanks for pointing that out!

    Vigilance does not currently use the wp_link_pages() tag but we will definitely throw it in to the next release.

  10. Jeronimo


    One “bug” I noticed… On the archive pages, it lists the date in mm.dd.yy format. This doesn’t make sense to us outside of the US. Can you detect what the date format should be or give us an option for please?


  11. Drew Strojny

    I wouldn’t quite call that a “bug” as we unfortunately can’t cater to every country’s date nomenclature. This is something you could fix easily and we would be happy to help you with in the support forums.

  12. Russ

    The only problem with the support forums, is that they are pay for only.

    While I agree it would be impossible to work to everyone’s country specific items, the US date format is mostly only seen in the US :) I guess I could leave it as is, or maybe I can use the child theme to over write the function to display the date as I like. I have no idea if that is possible, and I understand that to get the answer is really a pay for option ;)

    I’m sure I’ll figure it out! :)

  13. Konsty


    What do you think about adding simple feature to the searchbox: when you click
    on the searchbox to enter you text, initial text ‘Type and hit enter to search’ disapear.
    Like this:

    btw, Thanks for the theme!

  14. Konsty

    And one more time:
    Do you plan internationalization with po/mo files? Audience of this great theme would be broader…

  15. j a n

    wow. I’m disappointed. I’ve been working on upgrading my blog using the Vigilance theme that I downloaded about a month ago. I enjoyed figuring things out using the tutorials. And now I can’t access them.

    Are you seriously not going to provide basic tutorials with the free version? That probably would have influenced my original decision to go with the Vigilance theme.

  16. Jim Rittenhouse

    I’m impressed with the template, and intrigued by the Pro membership. My question is – can you give us some idea of what sort of customization tips there are? Not trying to get your secrets, but more wondering if it’s something I’d care much about.

  17. Drew Strojny

    No problem Jim!

    There are a bunch of customization tips I have shared with members. Browse through the topic titles in the support forums and you will get the gist of it.

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