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Format Builder

Add beautifully formatted buttons, lists with graphic bullets, and callout-notices on the fly with the Format Builder in Make and Make Builder!

This tool in the content editor allows you to easily add and edit your formatted text to posts and pages without having to write any HTML or CSS.

Using the Format Builder

Click the Format Builder button in the editor toolbar. Each format in the dropdown will only be available if the status of the cursor meets the right conditions for the format:

  • Button: A string of text must be highlighted. This text will become the label on the button.
  • List: The cursor must be on an unordered list item for this format to apply to the entire list.
  • Notice: The cursor can either be located on a normal paragraph, or a block of text can be highlighted. Multiple paragraphs can be contained within the highlighted text. The notice will either apply to the active paragraph or to all of the highlighted text.

Edit or remove an existing format

To change the options for an existing format or remove it altogether (leaving the original content), place the cursor within the format and click the Format Builder button in the toolbar. This will open straight to the options window for that particular type of format, where you can adjust the options or click Remove.