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Gallery Slider

With Make, you can transform a normal WordPress gallery grid into a gorgeous slider, which can be used anywhere that you can insert a [gallery] shortcode.

Create a new slider

  1. In the content editor, place the cursor where you would like to have a gallery slider.
  2. Click Add Media.
  3. Choose Create Gallery in the left column.
  4. Select the images from your Media Library to add to the gallery, or upload new images.
  5. With your images selected, click Create a new gallery.
  6. Reorder your images and/or add captions if necessary.
  7. In the right column of the Gallery window, find Slider Settings and check the box next to Show gallery as slider. More slider options will now appear.
  8. Configure your gallery slider, then click Insert gallery.

Shortcode parameters

All of the shortcode parameters can be adjusted through the interface shown above. However, you can also change them manually by editing the contents of the shortcode itself:

  • ttfmake_slider: Set this to true to enable the slider.
  • ttfmake_autoplay: Set to true will cause the slider to advance automatically after the page loads.
  • ttfmake_prevnext: Set to true will display navigation arrows to the previous/next slide.
  • ttfmake_pager: Set to true will display dots under the slider to indicate which slide is active.
  • ttfmake_delay: The number of milliseconds the slider will wait before advancing.
  • ttfmake_effect: The transition effect between slides: scrollHorz, fade, and none.

In addition to the shortcode parameters specifically for the Gallery Slider, many of the parameters for the standard Gallery shortcode are accepted as well.

However, there are a few that will be ignored:

  • columns
  • itemtag
  • icontag
  • captiontag
  • link