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Embed your videos

In WordPress, you can embed videos from many sources into your content simply by including the link to the video on its own line. WordPress will automatically process the link and output the correct embed code. In Make and Make Builder, you can do this too, but if you want to embed a video on a Builder page, or modify the dimensions or alignment of the video within the content, you’ll need to wrap your link with the [embed]...[/embed] shortcode.

In the content editor, it will look similar to this:


The video will automatically scale to fit the width of the content container. However, you can specify a maximum width by using the width shortcode parameter (height will be adjusted automatically to maintain aspect ratio), like this:

[embed width="400"][/embed]

You can also align the video to the left, center, or right in the content column with the make_align parameter:

[embed make_align="right"][/embed]