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Make Notices

What is a Make Notice?

Make Notices occur when Make’s functionality is used incorrectly. Often these notices are triggered by code errors in a child theme or plugin that extends the theme. The notice messages help you to identify the cause of the errors so they can be fixed.

How do I fix a Make notice?

If you have Make Plus, or some other plugin that extends the Make theme, check to see if it has an update available, as a new version may include changes that fix the errors. If it is caused by custom code, such as in a child theme, you will need to modify the code to fix the errors.

Why do different notices on different pages?

Not all of a site’s code runs on every page load. A notice will only be triggered when code that is used incorrectly is actually run. This mean, code related to the visibility of a sidebar, for example, might run when viewing a blog post, but won’t run when viewing the Dashboard screen.

Hiding notices

Notices are only visible to users who are logged in and have the capability to install themes. It is best to resolve the issues in the code to make the notices go away. However, if you need to hide the “X Make Notices” button, you can add a line of code to your child theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter( 'make_show_errors', '__return_false' );

You can also limit the visibility of notices to a particular user with something like this:

function childtheme_limit_error_visibility() {
	if ( 'my-user-name' === wp_get_current_user()->user_login ) {
		return true;

	return false;

add_filter( 'make_show_errors', 'childtheme_limit_error_visibility' );