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Master and Draft sections

With Make Plus, you can change the state of your sections for added control! The Draft mode lets you hide a section from your readers while you can still edit and update it through your Dashboard — perfect for sales and events. And the Master section lets you update duplicates of the same section from anywhere at once — great for contact forms and call-to-actions.


You can hide a specific section from your page without deleting it forever by checking the Draft checkbox in section settings .

When you decide it’s time to bring the section back, just uncheck the checkbox and it’ll be showing to your readers again.


Creating content that you’d like to show up on multiple pages? Master sections let you create it once and update it from a single place.

Any section can be converted by checking the Master checkbox in section settings . Then, just choose if you’d like to create a new master instance or copy content from the one you created before.

Once you have the master section appearing across various pages on your website, it doesn’t matter which page you update it from. Every change you make to it will instantly publish to all pages holding that section. You can even have multiple Master sections on the same page.