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Panels section

The page builder’s Panels section is available if you have the premium Make Plus plugin activated.

Panels and accordion tabs are a great way to display text-heavy information on pages — like FAQ sections or service information. By using a Panels section, you can help reel in unweildy long pages on your site!

Add a Panels section

In the builder menu, hover over the Panels icon and click green-plus to add this section to your page.

Configure the section

Click the Configure section icon in the section header to:

  • Add a section title. This displays above the section if it is set.
  • Select to display content in an Accordion or Tabs.
  • Choose to set the section height to the largest panel or scale to the current panel.
  • Set the background image or color.
  • Add a HTML section ID or class.
  • Check to remove the space below the section.

Configure an individual panel

Click the green plus icon to add a new panel. For each panel you can:

  • Set a panel title.
  • Add content to the panel. Click the Edit content icon or the blank area of the panel to open the content editor. Once a panel has content, the icon will change to green lines.

Reorder an individual panel

To rearrange the order of the panels, click and hold the double dotted border at the top of a panel. Drag the panel to a new location and release.

Delete an individual panel

To remove a panel, click the Delete slide icon in the corner of the panel.